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Gay Porn Stars Are Pro-Choice

Ryan, Brent, Seth, Jeremy, Scott, Trenton, JJ, & Jeremy. Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

Ryan Rose, Brent Corrigan, Trenton Ducati, Topher Dimaggio, Scott Riley, JJ Knight, Seth Santoro, and Jeremy Spreadums.

When we say they are pro-choice, they are. Ther are choosing their health and safety over a misguided law that directly places them in harm’s way. Now they are sharing their personal and professional reasons on the importance of voting no on Prop 60.

Here are just two of the ways Prop 60 would endanger the lives of all adult performers
1) By deputizing every California resident as part of the condom police, this leaves all adult performers susceptible to stalkers and others with negative intentions to find out personal information about them. “It immediately becomes part of the public record, and there isn’t any real way to prevent that,” The Sword co-founder Mike Stabile told
2) Michael Weinstein professes Prop 60 will protect performers. The reality is the health screenings that would be mandated will place them at a higher risk in the following ways:
   A) Currently, adult performers are tested free of charge every two weeks via the Performer Availability Scheduling Services (PASS) System. Prop 60 would reduce that to only before they are about to make a film.
   B) PASS’s protocol includes the Aptima HIV-1RNA Qualitative Assay Test which shows infections as early as 7-10 days. But in the HIV Antibodies test that would be prescribed by Weinstein under Prop 60; antibodies show after 22 or more days.


Contrary to the misleading commercials, the last HIV outbreak in the adult industry was 12 years ago.

prop sixty california vote no

Michael Weinstein is fighting to make a profit. Adult performers are fighting for more than their livelihood, they are fighting for their lives.

The time is now to add your voice of support!

First, if you live in California, you already know what to do. If you have friends and relatives in the state, you know what you should be doing: talk to them to make sure they understand the truth, not the hyperbole.

Second, continue to empower yourself
Follow #NoProp60 on Twitter
Learn more at
Legislative Analysis of the Adult Film State Ballot Initiative in California
Initiative Breakdown by BallotPedia
Donate to and visit the Free Speech Coalition Website

Then cast your ballot:

And now, back to our regularly scheduled pornography.

4 thoughts on “Gay Porn Stars Are Pro-Choice”

  1. Decently done but that’s for a narrow bandwidth of a demographic -gay men (who probably are already against 60). This video certainly isn’t going to be well received by the voting block that could really affect the numbers: women. Especially straight women. But, I guess for the already decided porn lovers, it’s nice to watch.

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