prop 60 condom law defeated california

Don’t Cry For Me, Michael Weinstein. The Truth Is Prop 60 Failed.

A lonely bright spot today: 4,320,000 plus Californians told Michael Weinstein to fuck off.

They didn’t just tell him to fuck off. They told him to mind the business of treating people with HIV and stay out of ours.

The LA Times, USAToday, and Associated Press via the McClatchy News Service are all reporting, “proposition 60 lost 54 to 46 percent early Wednesday with 99 percent of more than 8 million votes cast.”

The adult industry was vastly outspent yet prevailed in the end due chiefly to the zeal, passion, and tenacity of Eric Paul Leue, The Free Speech Coalition, Vote #NoProp60, The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, and most of all, all of the grass roots gorillas who got the truth out to the voters of California.

We are grateful the freedoms of speech, choice, and the health of adult workers have been safeguarded. As for the rest of our rights, California included, that fight may just be beginning.

But for now, on this one matter ….

Watch this blog.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled pornography which will now continue without interruption.

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