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This Will Leave You Reeling

Finally, something new has arrived with a mission statement tailored made to take us all away from the everyday grind: “We are here, we are queer, we are Qreel … Come out and play!”

NakedSword Film Works (NSFW) and Breaking Glass Pictures (BGP) today announces the launch of the premiere LGBTQ video streaming service “Qreel”.

Qreel is dedicated to telling the intricate and compelling stories of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer lives.

From award-winning features to captivating documentaries and progressive short films, Qreel provides a vast and constantly expanding library of queer cinema. What Netflix is to mainstream movies, Qreel is to gay cinema with the depth, diversity, and variety of genres carefully selected with a curated eye for what moves queer culture … and what will move you.

It’s not that queer cinema doesn’t exist in far greater numbers than we know. It’s that few queer titles will ever be licensed for mainstream streaming services or appear at your local theater. The only way to see them would be to attend film festivals. Qreel changes all of that with one click.

Take “Geography Club” for example. Think of it as “The Outsiders” meets “Love, Simon” with high production values, a very recognizable cast, and quite a bit of cache.

[Watch “Geography Club” at Qreel]

“Ever since NakedSword Film Works produced “I Want Your Love” and we saw the popularity of the NSFW section on NakedSword.com, I wanted to develop a streaming video platform dedicated to offering our community powerful and engaging entertainment,” states Tim Valenti, NakedSword Network and Falcon Studios President.

On the edgier side, there is “Retake” where a businessman, a street hustler, and a large chunk of cash taken them on road trip to an ultimate destination that can’t be found on any map.

[Watch “Retake” at Qreel]

“We are always looking for new and creative projects that tell a story and represent every facet of the LGBTQ community. This new venture is poised to be a huge step forward in bringing these stories to a new generation of viewers.” ~Rich Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass Pictures.

Now you know what Qreel is. And here’s someone you know to tell you how to pronounce it …

For less than a ten spot, Qreel can become the gay cinema gateway we’ve wanted all along.

qreel gay cinema streaming


6 thoughts on “This Will Leave You Reeling”

  1. Looked at the site. Small, lackluster library of D-list titles I wouldn’t waste my time trying to watch, let alone pay for the, cough, privilege.

  2. This picture on the top is from a friend of mine, who disappeared long time ago!!who gives you the permission to publish this picture!!!
    I’m shocked!!!!

      1. Hebels a very good Friends !
        I was visiting ihm many times in bis Office and he came to my work once a week!
        I really miss him very much!
        The Moment i das This Picture here was simply shocking!

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