Queerty, GLAAD, Advocate, etc. Victims Of Country Singer’s Tweet

Queerty: “He’s just an asswipe.”
Advocate: “Blake Shelton Tweets Homophobia.”
GLAAD: “Blake Shelton Must Apologize.”

1. Re-written from Shania Twain’s (who is a female) POV (as Shelton has said was the intention), this is a statement of female empowerment and anti-sexual harassment. Queerty, Advocate, and GLAAD are anti-women.

2. Even if Blake Shelton re-wrote the lyrics from his own POV, since when did defending yourself from untoward advances become anti-gay? Queerty, Advocate, and GLAAD owe Blake Shelton an apology.

3. Who the fuck is Blake Shelton.


14 thoughts on “Queerty, GLAAD, Advocate, etc. Victims Of Country Singer’s Tweet”

  1. Blake Shelton is not a friend of the gay community. I don’t know of a good reason defending this guy for his homophobic attacks he tries to mask as jokes. And I’m sorry the “lighten up” arguement doesn’t fly with me with this guy. There are more than enough gay friendly entertainers who can make jokes on the expense of the gay community and its members, because they’ve proven themselves on several occasions to support gay causes and gay rights issues (Blake Shelton is surely not one of them).

  2. Even before what he says now, or what he had said in the past, I’ve always thought that of him as douche. He is like the Spencer Pratt of the country music world.

    1. Ouch. Does that mean he also has a personality free wife who’d arrange to be photographed at the opening of an envelope for publicity?

      Whatever thought process was going through his head in writing that, there’s really only one way to take it and it’s not good.

  3. I’ve seen Blake Shelton….the only gay men who would be hitting on him would have cataracts, because in the looks department, there is not much to write home about. Now Mr Chesney, on the other hand, is a whole different ballgame…….

  4. The tweet is encouraging violence against gay men, so it is homophobic. Saying he is defending himself is ludicrous. Shelton’s tweet is typical of straight men trying to show their toughness by the violence towards the supposed hordes of gay men hitting on straight dipshits such as Shelton. I think your reaction is knee jerk to whatever GLAAD, The Advocate, and Queerty say.

    1. While I’m not overly fussed about this country singer’s comments, I agree with Digby that this post is more about this site’s prejudice against Queerty et al. This guy might not be as much of a douche as those other sites are making him out to be, but I definitely wouldn’t defend his tweet as harmless.

  5. It doesn’t sound homophobic to me. He doesn’t want a guy touching his ass, nothing wrong with that. It’s a bit excessive though.

  6. @Zach – EPIC FAIL here dude.

    What is it that you mean with your second point? I know this has now been cleared up and explained by Shelton (after he tweeted it) but reading your second point made me a little sick. If a gay man comes on to a straight man, its okay to BEAT them bloody? Because he’s defending himself?? Huh?? A “no,thank you” couldn’t suffice?

    You’re writing is really at it’s worst when you’re up on your high horse dude.

  7. Are you kidding me? OF COURSE that tweet is homophobic. And Blake Shelton only explained that it was supposed to be from the POV of a woman, AFTER the whole thing blew up overnight and GLAAD & NBC executives got on his case.

    The fact that you don’t know who Blake Shelton is, speaks volumes. Yeah, maybe you can hold your fabulous head high in places like West Hollywood or the Castro and talk about how “homophobia is soo yesterday,” but that’s not reality. Tell that to gay people (particularly gay men & youth) living in Middle America — you know, the kinds of places that are conservative, love to play country music, and KNOW exactly who Blake Shelton is.

    Just last month, Blake Shelton mentioned “Brokeback mountain” at the Country Music Awards, when trying to explain why Jake Gyllenhaal broke up with Taylor Swift. The audience — most of whom DON’T support gay marriage, and believe that being gay is an “abomination” — broke out into riotous laughter. Look it up on Youtube.

    So yeah — sending out a message to middle America that it’s perfectly okay to beat and attack some “queer” or “homo” because he looked at you “funny” — IS homophobic.

    Get a clue. Please.

      1. Michael Fantauzzo

        If it isn’t flippant contrarianism with you then it’s condescension. Just ill-informed attempts at snark.

    1. Are you serious??? Just because Shelton made a reference to a movie Jake did that happened to be gay, he’s a homophobe?? Get a grip. If he would have said it about any other movie role Jake played where he had a girl love interest, it wouldn’t have been as funny because it could have possibly happened since Jake is straight. The funny part about it is leaving beautiful Taylor Swift for a guy, not because being gay is an abomination. As far as his tweet goes… maybe if he had a few more than 140 characters, he would have tweeted a better explanation to his harmless lyric but I’m sure he didn’t expect bitchy queens to go insane over his little tweet.

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