Question: Should Kurt Wild Have Un-Retired?

Once upon a time, The Sword commended porn star Kurt Wild for keeping his word and being among a dozen or so retired porn stars who stayed retired. That was back in 2012, and Kurt had just retired the year before. But now he’s back! Four years and some questionable facial hair growth later, the gay-for-pay twink returns in a prison-themed scene in which he gets rhymes-with-shaped by a guard’s baton.

The scene is Scared Str8 Part 3, and in it Kurt does what he always did best, bottom, for Aspen.

Regardless of what you think about the scene or the tired prison thing, let’s talk about Kurt.

Kurt used to look like this.






And remember when he and Scott Tanner fought over Ben Andrews’ 11-inch dick in Lucas’s Gigolo (2007)? That was hot.



Now he looks like this. And didn’t do him any favors with the lighting.






He’s still an attractive guy, but why after all this time? Maybe he’s got kids to feed now?

Anyway, you can offer your response via the reaction buttons below.


[ Scared Str8 Part 3]


24 thoughts on “Question: Should Kurt Wild Have Un-Retired?”

  1. Wild, even much younger, already had a missus + three or more children to support. Below, another comment says he now has !seven! children.

    And, hey, its a prison film; no cosmetic bar rose lighting, no makeup, and dark circles under eyes.

    A whining disposition to want porn stars to be all cute twinks who look well under twenty-five is less than a first world problem.

    Mainly, without other qualifications, having married and produced that family starting at age 17 or 18, it is ‘for the money,’ (and, maybe his married guy’s excuse to get the cock(s) he wants where he wants them,)

    More power to him..

  2. The only talent he has is sucking cock and getting his ass fucked. Of course he came out of retirement…how did he think he was going to support a litter of kids and a wife? Working at Subway? Oh, wait…he got fired from that job…my bad!!!

  3. His FB pix look great. He as what, six kids? Wedding photography and Little Debbie ain’t cuttin’ it.

    He should team up with Porter/Jacob Ford, who lives pretty close by.

  4. Kurt Wild is a national gay porn treasure and I’m excited that he’s unretired. I’m sure Men was offering the best compensation but I hope Kurt does work with other studios and more endowed performers (no offense to Aspen, but he loves them huge) like Rocco Steele or Rafael Alencar, or the best: Cutler X. To me his best scene was from The Wilde Bunch where he rides his partner’s dick so fast and furious he cries out that he’s going to ride that dick until the bench breaks. Locker room setting. Glad to have Kurt back and hope he makes good use (and money) of his return!

  5. Kurt should do what he thinks is in his own best interest. If he can still make some needed money doing porn – do it!

  6. Some guys just don’t age well ….Who knows what kind of life he lives…For only 4 years since his last porn….Looks like he has been living a pretty rough life

  7. He really hasn’t changed that much. Face wise he has a few lines but body wise he still looks the same. That Lucas scene btw was one of my favorite Kurt scenes to date. Always thought he was so cute and had a nice cock and decent body and then he went on Ricki Lake or somewhere after having been outed at working porn and working at subway. Least I think it was Ricki…

  8. He doesn’t even look that bad for being photographed in what is basically the worst light imaginable for someone with no facial body fat. He’s always been a sexy little fucker (besides the womanly screaming), I’ll reserve final judgement until he shoots a scene that wasn’t lit like a horror movie.

  9. I think Kurt Wild looks even better with a little ‘maturity’ on him. He has every right to come out of retirement if he chooses, why should it bother anyone?

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