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“I’ve Fucked in 140 Countries”

Most people can’t even name 140 countries much less have a dick in demand in even more of them.

“Fucking all over the world and traveling all over the world,” horse-hung Rafael Alencar told mr. Pam on the set of “International Playboys” for NakedSword Originals. “That’s the two things I like the most. So I said, ‘why nor travel and fuck?'”

Why not indeed? If commercial space travel was readily available, I have no doubt Rafael Alencar would be the first “Intergalactic Playboy,” but as we’re about to see, being earthbound has only throttled where Rafael’s dick has gone — but how far that legendary pole has traveled.

“International Playboys” began in London with Darius Ferdynand taking a journey up and down the considerable length of BelAmi exclusive Jack Harrer’s fabled cock. The journey continued as NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor and Blake Mason exclusive Kayden Gray demonstrated there are bigger towers in London than “Big Ben.” Last week, Manhattan became the center of the universe for Rafael Alencar and Rikk York.

[Watch Rikk York and Rafael Alencar in “International Playboys” scene 3]

Despite all of those spots on the map, Rafael Alencar is one man that’s impossible to pin down. Which means you will find plenty more of this plentiful man at the Netflix of Gay Porn, NakedSword

[Visit the Rafael Alencar Theater] [Visit NakedSword]

5 thoughts on ““I’ve Fucked in 140 Countries””

  1. Rafael is my all time favorite porn star. He’s hot and biggest dick ever. I met him in Houston, such a nice guy. Thanks Naked Sword for bringing him back!

  2. I dont know. I think I would be proud to just have been in 140 countries. It is an accomplishment that not many people can claim

  3. Why exactly is this something to be proud of? I’m not slut-shaming him. I just think he’s bragging like he has something to prove.

    1. He’s awesome!
      That’s also the 2 things that I like the most: travel and have sex.
      Travel is very expensive for me, so for now I’m having sex.
      I’m proud he has brains and use to do the right thing. And more important: he Is strong enough to survive all the bullying of the hate comments that leads our porn stars to suicide.
      Thanks to be who you are.
      And thank you for this interview/article.

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