Raise Your Hand If You Fucking Love Shower Sex

In NakedSword’s In Control, some of your favorite porn stars are bringing their biggest kinks to life on screen. You’ve seen Beau Butler show off his love for the scent of a musky man and now, we’re learning all about Dean Young’s favorite place to fuck – the shower!

This leads us to wonder, how many of you enjoy a good shower fuck? Do you like getting head under some running water? How about having your hole pounded out? Maybe just a simple jerk-off? How often are you going all the way in the shower?

Let us know all of your soaking-wet shower thoughts in some of our perverted polls below and after you’re done with all that, be sure to check out Dean’s new shower scene with muscle jock Sumner Blayne over on NakedSword.com.

Give us the rest of your thoughts on shower sex down in the comments and for even more soaking-wet action from In Control, head on over to NakedSword.com.

[Watch Dean Young & Sumner Blayne in IN CONTROL]


8 thoughts on “Raise Your Hand If You Fucking Love Shower Sex”

  1. i get under the shower extrem open, lol…this warm water opens me up to get what ever in the ass…..i am shurprised about my self, how my hole opens up……i am really get like John Thomas, i can push the full show out..hhaa….never in normal “sex”…then its a virgin hole…

  2. If it is large dedicated shower, like the one above then fine, but a shower over tub or small cubical, then no.
    Now a shower room, that is horse of a different color.
    And I have seen some some out in the desert that seem to be designed for it.

    1. Universal Potentate

      That’s what I was thinking too. Pools, hot tubs and steam rooms all have to be “sex appropriate” then they’re fantastic!!

  3. Can’t do it. Boyfriend then husband now- his idea of a shower blisters me while mine gives him hypothermia. Not conducive to good sex.

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