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Raise Your Hand If Your Barber’s Dick Has Ever Grazed Your Hand

Have you ever been getting a haircut and started feeling a little up close and personal with your barber? Has the man cutting your hair ever gotten too close to the point where his dick is grazing up against your hand, arm, or shoulder? If so, then you might have something in common with Ty Mitchell in this new video for

In the scene, we get to see Ty working with barber Andre Donovan. A voiceover of Ty talks about the intimacy between him and Andre as the barber touches him, focuses all his energy on him, and rubs his junk against him. The two eventually ditch the tension-filled haircut and dive into an intense bareback session right there in the barber’s chair. Take a look at some of the action below:

So what do you think about the thought of porking your barber? Would you ever do it? Sound off in the comments below, vote in our above polls, and after you’re done with that, go ahead and check out this full hair-cutting fuck fest over at!

[Watch The Barber Job]


6 thoughts on “Raise Your Hand If Your Barber’s Dick Has Ever Grazed Your Hand”

  1. Many guys get excited under the barber cape. Many have the “Haircut Fetish” and get turned on getting or watching clippercuts. More videos should be made on this fetish!

  2. My answer is: No. And I would bet that the majority of gay guys around the world would give the same answer. Why? Because life isn’t some shitty porn movie or a staged Onlyfans video.

  3. andre donoan is now by far my favorite black pornstar, that red underwear got me going, and he can be such a great kisser, not crazy about his bottom though and donovan should also bottom onc ein a while

  4. My barber occasional bumped my shoulder with his hard crotch. After a couple years of this, he started coming to my house to cut my invalid father’s hair (and mine). We finally ended up in bed and had a great time — he was always hot!

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