Sandrias, Randhy Junior

Randhy Junior Worships & Fucks Hard with Sandrias

You remember Randhy Junior, the muscled-up tattooed top from Juninho’s Gangbang? Great, because this hunk is finally back at NakedSword and once again breaking out his big dick for a new hookup with NakedSword X Rhyheim hookup!

Executive produced by Falcon | NakedSword President and CEO Tim Valenti and industry superstar Rhyheim Shabazz, this bareback scene has Randhy getting his XXL member sucked by NakedSword newcomer Sandrias. After some intimate cock, feet, and muscle worshiping between the two horny jocks, Randhy buries himself in Sandrias’ bubble butt and pounds him hard across a circular chair until he’s pulling out to unload all over the ripped bottom’s body and face. Take a look below:

Want to see more? Head over to right now to check out this full hookup and every other fuck from the NakedSword X Rhyheim crew.

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6 thoughts on “Randhy Junior Worships & Fucks Hard with Sandrias”

  1. The one with the braids just joined the film because they mentioned that he would be paid in crack and stolen merchandise

  2. Dear god. These two are all kinds of sexy. So masculine and muscular and yet so passionate and sensual. I wanted to reach out and touch them with the hand that wasn’t stroking my bone! And I wanted to lick semen off of both of their bodies.

    1. Love it! Both studs are beautiful and they kiss passionately. Their bodies are works of art and they fuck like they NEED to! Beautiful!

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