Randy Blue Model Also A Ninja Firefighter

Before he had sex with Randy Blue’s Nicco Sky, Alexander Kudrov was on a reality show. (That’s a rule now, by the way. All gay porn stars have to have been on a reality show.)

Thanks to obstacle course operative “bcbpiccolo” for sending me this video of Kudrov running around and swinging on things. I’m assuming this was his audition video for some game show called “Ninja Warrior” as one of the comments on the clip mentions “Constantine’s” appearance on the show. If you can find his actual episode, good for you. I already looked.

How does he do this though? I’m impressed.

And here’s the Russian hunk (who looks like that “Speedo Student” guy?) using his body to fuck Nicco Sky.



[Randy Blue: Alexander & Nicco]

0 thoughts on “Randy Blue Model Also A Ninja Firefighter”

  1. Maybe he just has a stoic Russian tendency, but doesn’t he look a little nonplussed about the beautiful man sitting on his penis? The video of him tricking is kind of cool, though. Needs to do stunts with Chip Tanner & Porter Wescott. End of story.

  2. I love the sounds of awe coming from his fans. And what’s with the “can we just fuck now?” comment? What is this odd place where Russians display their semi-acrobatic Parcoeur-esque skills?

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