This Is Randy Blue’s Beau Warner

And this is me dying: ….

More below.

Randy Blue will sometimes find new models who do one solo and then disappear into the gay porn abyss, never to be heard from again. Please, I beg of you, Randy, do not let that happen with this model, this god, this Beau Warner. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

That’s all.


[Randy Blue: Beau Warner]

21 thoughts on “This Is Randy Blue’s Beau Warner”

  1. I don’t usually go for the big guys but in this case Yowsah! and Chris now you’re working for Randy how about a mash up with you this guy and Caden Ross?

  2. Now after Chris said all that ;) wonder how long will it be before we have a Beau/Chris Porter sandwich. Now that I’d watch.

  3. Yea, he’s nice but as for the comparison to Cole…I would take Cole Streets any day, night or afternoon 7 days a week 365 a year. Now he is one gorgeous guy who after headlining Focus/Refocus pre stallion-falcon let go away much too soon with very few follow up movies.

  4. Just me not really feeling it? He looks hot in the pictures and he’s cute and all but watching the actual video he just looks like he went waaaaaaaaaaaaaay overboard with the steroids. Too veiny and what are those marks on his back? However I still would.

        1. I hear there’s this thing called the gymnasium. I only know about it because art history, but they seem to still exist.

          1. I think I’ve heard of those although I always assumed they were an urban myth and that the only way to get muscles was to shoot yourself full of shark hormones. Apparently.

      1. Thank you. His inner thighs are not horrifying exactly, but certainly offputting. I mean up to a point. Obviously I’d be willing to put all my reservations aside and get nasty with him because I’m charitable like that and even freaky looking dudes need love.

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