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Randy, Jakob, & Brysen Makes Three … Sort Of

Sean Cody’s “Puerto Rico Getaway” follows Jacob & Randy as they fuck from sunup to sundown. But everything on the Isla Bonita isn’t always pretty.

Jakob is one of the standout newcomers. Randy is a living G-d. And Brysen always delights. None of that changes in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, some of the non-4K technical tomfoolery and questionable directorial choices also made the trip.

Though we don’t have much of a taste of Puerto Rico yet, a change of scenery makes a stellar frame for some of Sean Cody’s finest and takes us all out of the confines of the everyday.

randy jakob brysen sean cody puerto ricoLike any new guy, Jakob does some things better than others. But the fact that he’s ready and willing to do what’s been asked of him (we’ll see if that changes when it’s his turn to bottom) makes him the class valedictorian. Randy is always and all ways something to behold. Today included. Curiously, there’s too much dirty talk and cock sucking from men who are not particularly good at either, yet excel in many other ways. It’s one of many head-scratchers in this scene. But it does have its moments as well.

randy jakob brysen sean cody puerto ricoIt may be Puerto Rico, but the opening shot of Randy naked and stroking makes him seem like he’s jacking off on Mount Olympus. Jakob is dutifully impressed by that big slab of meat. He cops a feel than asks Randy if he’s tried a cock ring before. He then pulls one out of his pocket and slaps it on him. So, the new guy is walking around with a dick strap and then straps it on the guys who’s bottoming in the scene? Yes, it’s as pointless as it sounds. Randy’s dick needs no help no matter he’s going to be doing.

randy jakob brysen sean cody puerto ricoCut to the lanai and Jakob bending Randy over the table. It’s time to fuck. The camera needed to be white balanced after the change but that never got done. The top of the chair or the bottom of the frame maddeningly cuts off the view of Randy’s cock too often. Also, given the angle, we never get more than a 3/4 view of the penetration. And they never change position: not the models or the camera. Jakob pounds a nice load out of Randy then creams his hole. And that is caught well. But it’s oddly underwhelming. Let’s press on.

randy jakob brysen sean cody puerto ricoThey guys splish splash in the pool then take the jeep for a ride. It’s GoPro Camera time which is more go than pro despite Jakob blowing Randy as he drives. Finally, the guys find a summit suitable for tasks at hand. Another half-hearted hummer swap and Randy bends over the front seat, ass up. Save one close-up shot of pole in hole; initially, there’s too much scenery and not enough cock.

randy jakob brysen sean cody puerto ricoOnce the camera settles in closer, we can appreciate what fine shape both our men are in, and the mixing of the shots is inspired. Two solid cumshots, a bit dark but close and focused, and round two is complete. On the ride home, Randy announces he’s feeling randy again. And boom: we’re at the pool. The light coming from the water against the night sky is beautiful to the eye, though not always ideal for the what we’re all here to see.

randy jakob brysen sean cody puerto ricoRimming to riding leads to Randy bending over. And then our special guest star, Brysen, makes his way from the house and joins them. He’s half fuck tutor to Jakob while he plays Vanna White to Randy’s glutes. He stays close, kisses Jakob now and then, and cums on Randy’s ass – though it’s not captured well. Randy is next. Brysen moves his hand to catch some of Randy’s swimmers and proceeds to smear it on Randy’s cheeks while Jakob keeps on fucking. Then poof: Brysen makes his exit and then Jakob’s load does too.

Yes. That’s a total of seven loads. And how more than half a dozen cum blasts can be so unsatisfying is nothing I say with any joy. Hopefully, we’ll all have better luck on Saturday. If nothing else, check out the BTS at the end. Not usually my favorite, but that part they got right this time.

[Watch Jakob, Brysen, & Randy in “Puerto Rico: Day 1” at Sean Cody]

4 thoughts on “Randy, Jakob, & Brysen Makes Three … Sort Of”

  1. I really do not have anything good to comment on this scene, since 2009 I watch scenes of Sean Cody and I know how big this brand was, what the conglomerate MindGeek has done with it is a total shame and pity.

    I will not blame the models here, I think they are not the problem now for Sean Cody, it is the technical team, they are responsible and they have the biggest blame for the disaster and the poor quality of the product they are selling. The director, producer, editor, cameramen and cameras, look like BEGINNERS. I do not know who would be the person who decided to fire the old workers of Sean Cody, but certainly, these are now not the same as two years ago, and also was the worst decision they could take, sentenced the death mark Sean Cody as one of the best things I had the gay porn.

    It is unfortunate that these people have no budget to hire professional cameramen who know how to use high definition cameras, watching the scene, I could not concentrate on the headache caused by the color variation, terrible close-up and movements that generated the camera. It’s a disaster, and it’s only the first day …

    It’s just as sad as these handsome guys are wasted …

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