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[UPDATED] Randy & His Perfect Dick Are Back

Unfortunately, “Randy & Jasper: Bareback” could also be titled “When Bad Bottoms Happen To Good Tops.”

[UPDATED: Thursday, October, 6] Well guys, especially coming to you from South Florida, I know of which I speak. Jasper is a lot like Matthew in the respect no one invited either of them in.

I am making light of a serious hurricane next to my flashlight, batteries, and portable radio. This update isn’t a category five disaster, but Randy notwithstanding, “Randy & Jasper: Bareback” isn’t Sean Cody’s finest hour.

randy jasper sean cody barebackOf course Randy looks great. And so does his dick. And yes, unlike some of his brethren, he kisses and rims. The weak link in this chain is Jasper. His lack of charisma takes a lot of life out of another scene. I am sure he likes sex. But I am also sure he doesn’t understand the difference between fucking at home and doing it for others on camera. He’s a shot killer. And that’s a deal maker.

01-jasperrandyFor a gay guy especially, either his eyes are bigger than his asshole, or he just didn’t bother getting loosened up for the sizeable piece of meat he knew was coming aboard for the duration it takes to shoot a complete scene. Moans of pleasure are sexy. Sounding like Jaxton Wheeler getting his back waxed, not so much.

randy jasper sean cody barebackTwo rounds, four cumshots, all check. As mentioned in yesterday’s preview, Big Jess busting Big Jack’s cherry on Saturday is a tough, tough act to follow and way beyond the scope of anything Jasper has to offer. Now Sean Cody owes Randy a solid.

[Watch “Randy & Jasper: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

The Sean Cody special anniversary offer is still available until October 10th and is a helluva deal: $14.95 for life Sean Cody does have it’s moments, even if today wasn’t one of them.


[Original Preview Post :Wednesday, October, 5]

“It’s actually not all about size, but something like 7.5-8 inches, some girth to it …” is how Jasper described the ideal cock. He’s about to find out that Randy has that and some to spare.

Randy. That body. That plump, hairy ass that begs you to dive in. Then there are those beautiful 8.5 fat inches. And the most beautiful thing of all, Randy knows how to use them.

After having to put up with Wilson, they owed Jasper a solid at Sean Cody. In the world of G4$ tops, they don’t get much more solid than Randy in every possible way.

randy jasper sean cody barebackJasper. On the plus side, it’s great that he’s a gay guy.

randy jasper sean cody barebackBut he’s always been a little lacking in the charisma department which explains why this is only his fifth scene in two years. By comparison, Manny has had nine hardcore scenes since March.

randy jasper sean cody barebackRandy really does have the perfect dick.

randy jasper sean cody barebackBut Big Jess busting Big Jack’s cherry on Saturday is a tough, tough act to follow for anyone. Fortunately, Randy isn’t just anyone.

randy jasper sean cody barebackWho knows, maybe this will be Jasper’s break out scene? If anyone can crack him out of his shell, it’s Randy. We’ll know at midnight tonight.

[Watch “Randy & Jasper: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

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  1. I for one don’t find Randy either attractive or to have any charisma, so I am not sure that Jasper is the weak link, more like Randy. If you look at the voting on recent Randy films on the Sean Cody website the love affair with Randy is clearly over.

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