Rank The Flips!

Sean Cody actually pulled off a credible flip last night. Today, did these barebacking boyfriends, a Roman, a lawyer, Markie More, and Alex Mecum mix it up or mess it up?

When flips happen because they both want to give and get, it can be porn magic. Remember when Ryan Rose’s ass inspired Jacob Peterson’s inner fucker?

Today, we’re looking at three flips from Men.com, NextDoorWorld, and GuysInSweatpants. Technically, they all pulled it off. But which one got you off?

First, Alex Mecum and Roman Todd in “Tongue Punch” from Men.com

So Roman Todd’s girlfriend broke up with him because he can’t eat pussy. Perfect premise for a gay porn scene eh? So naturally, he’d turn to a gay guy for remedial lessons.

gay flip flop fucksI am a big Alex Mecum fan but at times both he and Roman seemed as uncomfortable in the scene itself as they did in the gay-glo underwear foisted on them.

gay flip flop fucks
Roman isn’t exactly rock hard when Alex is fucking him. When it’s Alex’s turn to get fucked though, he’s flagpole stiff and ends up with two loads on that sexy, bristled chest.

[Watch Roman Todd & Alex Mecum in “Tongue Punch”]

Next up, we have Dylan Knight & Markie More in “Pro-Boner” from NextDoorWorld

Seems Markie is in a legal pickle, no job, no money, and facing jail time. The cue for the “bong-chicha-bong-bong” is when he says to lawyer Dylan regarding his attorney fees, “I’m willing to do anything.” As it would happen, Dylan and his boyfriend are having a rough patch at home. Timing is everything.

gay flip flop fucks
After swapping hummers, Markie takes quite a reverse cowboy ride on Dylan, hard dick and all. Is Dylan that great a top or is Markie that good a bottom?

gay flip flop fucks
Markie has a beautiful body and watching him fuck is a beautiful thing. When Dylan says, “fuck that dick feels good,” I don’t think it’s because that line was in the script. It was because of it was true.

[Watch Dylan Knight & Markie More in “Pro-Boner”]

For final consideration, Austin and Jaxx and in “Boyfriend Love” from GuysInSweatpants

As the title would suggest, hung newcomers Austin and Jaxx are a real life couple. Shooting couples can be problematic. Often unresolved issues from home can destroy the chemistry on the set. Not the case today. They only destruction is what they willingly do to each other’s holes with a pair of big meaty dicks.

gay flip flop fucks
Even without the title, the fact these are real boyfriends is obvious in not just what they do to each other, but how to do it exactly in those ways they know they will push each other buttons big time.

gay flip flop fucks
As of the welcome display of diversity wasn’t enough, there is a sexual generosity that manifests itself in power-fucking, cum eating, and a creampie finish.

[Watch Austin and Jaxx and in “Boyfriend Love”]

OK, time to vote. I included Sean and Dean’s flip from last night which you can evaluate here.

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