raw footage jr vision gay

Your Own “Raw Footage” Doesn’t Always Feel Right

Everyone has nudes. Everyone has videos. Who cares if people see them? Isn’t that the point? It’s a trend that shows no sign of stopping. But what if your partner wants out afterward?

Tube sites. Tumblr pages. Secret Facebook groups.

The amount of online outlets for amateurs to post homemade porno videos of their erotic exploits has exploded in the last five years.

With that boom has come a significant decrease in stigma. Everyone has nudes. Everyone has videos.

Who cares if people see them? Isn’t that the point? It’s a trend that shows no sign of stopping – and in J.R. Vision’s RAW FOOTAGE, the latest film added to Naked Sword’s NSFW collection, this trend gets explored in some surprising ways.

raw footage jr vision gay
Christopher Poeschl & Michael DeBartolo
Whereas last month’s selection, Jordi Soler’s PORNSTAR4ADAY took a campy, experimental approach to the phenomenon of amateur porn sluts, RAW FOOTAGE takes a more straightforward dramatic approach. Colby (Christopher Poeschl) and Dusty (Michael DeBartolo) are celebrating their three year anniversary and have decided to make a sex tape to commemorate the occasion.

raw footage jr vision gayDusty is desperate to make this work , testing out angles and positions in front of the camera. But when Colby returns home drunk and unable to fuck, Dusty gets mad. The following night, when they try to make up for lost time, revelations come out that lead to much-needed conversations about open relationships, fidelity, sex addiction and more.

raw footage jr vision gayWhat follows mirrors much of the conversations being had between short and long-term gay couples in our newly sexually charged post-PrEP era. Is it better to keep the relationship open if both partners have a long history of cheating on partners? Is monogamy even possible for out-and-proud sluts? And when does it become okay to change your behavior and close things up? Vision’s short offers no easy answers.

raw footage jr vision gayYour reaction to the film will largely depend on your own views of these topics. Strict monogamists might see Colby and Dusty as a doomed couple who are only fooling themselves. Super sluts might see the duo as having a long and likely happy future. The strength of Vision’s writing and Poeschl and DeBartolo’s performances lead to a pitch-perfect short that could easily be expanded into a feature if Vision so desired.

raw footage jr vision gayRAW FOOTAGE premiered at San Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival, widely known as the most prestigious and well-regarded LGBT film festival in the US. Vision’s previous and subsequent shorts are also worth seeking out, as many of theme also deal with gay themes (check out Vision’s website for more details). It’s definitely not the last we’ll be hearing from this talented filmmaker.

Have you seen RAW FOOTAGE? Check it out on NakedSword.com right now and let us know what you think in the comments!

[Watch “RAW FOOTAGE” at NakedSword Film Works]

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