porn star derrick dime

The Raw Hotness of Derrick Dime

Derrick Dime continues to get hotter and hotter with every scene. That makes Johnny Riley one lucky bottom today in “Abandon Ass” from NextDoorRaw.

Just about anything with Derrick Dime is worthy of your time. Not that Johnny Riley doesn’t have a killer body, girthy cock, and a delicious ass. But just the fact that is all at the disposal of Derrick Dime and his fine, big dick today makes everything all the hotter.

Why all of the fuss over how Derrick is looking these days? Time for The Sword’s Pornback Machine™:

porn star derrick dime
Derrick always had potential. But look how he’s transformed his body over the past couple of years to say nothing of what that sexy scruff does for a face that was handsome to begin with.

porn star derrick dime
“It sure is cold today, my hotel is close by …” and “how can I show my appreciation,” sums up the plot in two phrases which makes it annoying NextDoorRaw always wastes so much time setting things up. Just let them fuck. And while we’re at it, lose that damn music in your trailer too.

porn star derrick dime
Seven minutes in, Derrick Dime’s fat cock is in Johnny Riley’s mouth but never makes it down his throat. Then it’s Derrick’s turn. One of my favorite visuals is Derrick Dime sucking some dick.

porn star derrick dime
Derrick flips Johnny on his side and takes his ass bare. Johnny’s cock is rock hard the entire time Derrick is inside him which thankfully makes up the complete second half of the scene. Side saddle, riding, face down then ass up, Derrick fucks a load out of Johnny then strokes out his own that lands with a splat right on Johnny’s forehead. Like I said, everything looks better Derrick Dime in the picture, even if it’s just his DNA.

[Watch Johnny Riley & Derrick Dime in “Abandon Ass”]

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