Real Life Boyfriends Austin Wilde And Anthony Romero Are Hot, Funny

Because they’re back in front of the cameras today for the first time since February (and because they’re still together after three months, which is the equivalent of three years in gay porn star relationships), I decided to ask real life couple Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero some questions about what it’s like to be boyfriends with someone hotter than you. I posed the same questions to both of them and got their answers separately, so this is kind of like a gay porn blog version of The Newlywed Game?

How did you guys meet and who pursued whom more?
AUSTIN: He originally found me on Facebook. And after realizing we were friends a few weeks later, I’d say I pursued him more. At first he was just another guy I wanted to recruit. But then he grew on me.
ANTHONY: We met via Facebook. I messaged him to say hi and he responded a few weeks later. He definitely pursued me more, especially since he would send me the Google Maps route to St. Louis and tell me if I left now I could be there five hours from now. It was cute though.

Who is the top and who is the bottom in your relationship?
AUSTIN: Well, I STARTED as the “top.” Somehow he has turned  me into quite the bottom lately. And while I LOVE it, I’d say I still top more than bottom.
ANTHONY: We both bottom and top, but I’m the better bottom ;)

What is your boyfriend’s idea of a perfect date with you?
AUSTIN: A box of Oreos, Southpark and lots of SEX. In other words, never leaving my apt.
ANTHONY: Going to the gym, picking up Tank (Austin’s dog), sitting on the couch, watching South Park and fucking a few times.

Do you guys have nicknames or terms of endearment that you use for each other? Please, make me vomit.
AUSTIN: He calls me “fatty” sometimes. And sometimes I call him “Joey”…since I got him a little stuffed kangaroo when I was in Sydney.
ANTHONY: Sometimes I call him “Austin Milde” when I’m trying to joke with him, but usually we just call each other babe. I introduce him to all my friends as my “husbitch” though.

What room/piece of furniture have you guys had sex in/on the most?
AUSTIN: My bedroom/bed, without question. And I have plenty of video to prove it.
ANTHONY: His bedroom. His bed.

If both of you weren’t porn stars, what other profession could you see both of you working in?
AUSTIN: Believe it or not, I actually like helping people and the gym is my second home, so personal training (as porn star cliché as that is). And him, advertising, since that’s what he plans on doing anyway.
ANTHONY: I would obviously be a celebrity psychic, and Austin would be a personal trainer.

Who has better abs?
AUSTIN: Probably “fatty,” a.k.a. ME.
ANTHONY: I do. Fuck his abs.

Is working together really as hot as it looks, or do you treat it as just another scene?
AUSTIN: It was far from just another scene. We know exactly what the other likes and how to work it. So other than literally bloodying his nose with my ass during it (oops), yes, it was as hot as it looks.
ANTHONY: Haha, if you watch the Behind the Scenes you can see all the playing we do behind the camera. It is definitely not just another scene. That’s what makes it so hot–the attraction is believable.

If you guys had to do a three-way scene with another performer, who would be the lucky guy?
AUSTIN: There wouldn’t be one. Unless he came in the form of a large pepperoni and sausage pizza with a side of ranch.
ANTHONY: Meryl Streep.

What’s the easiest way to turn your boyfriend on?
AUSTIN: Kissing the back of his neck/ear.
ANTHONY: If you kiss Austin right behind the ear, breathe in his ear, and rub him lightly with your fingers, then he will roll over on his stomach and shove his ass in the air every time.

And what’s the easiest way for your boyfriend to turn YOU on?
AUSTIN: Probably the same as him; kissing the back of my neck/ear. Or eating my ass…since he knows that usually leads to him fucking me.
ANTHONY: Diamonds.

Congratulations to Austin and Anthony–they win! The prize is that they got to fuck each other, and here’s the video.


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  1. You 2 are so incredibly HOT! You turn me on every time I see your videos. Would love to rimm you both out good & proper. It’s a shame you’re not in England.

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