Real-Life Boyfriends Flip with Their Big Dicks in CockyBoys Debut

We first noticed cute Finn August back in September, when he was making just his second studio appearance ever as he stole the show in a hot soldier sandwich threeway over at Active Duty. Now in his CockyBoys debut, he’s brought along his hung real-life boyfriend for a fun flip.

Tattooed Finn also showed off his versatility in a few ColbyKnox scenes, and he’s moving on to an even bigger studio in his 2023 debut. And if we get to see him suck and fuck with his big-dicked BF again and again, I won’t complain. Meet Hazel Hoffman, the long-locked jock with a hot big schlong.

Hazel Hoffman, Finn August Hazel Hoffman, Finn August

Hazel Hoffman, Finn August

Okay, I’ll be the bitch. Let’s just get it out of the way: Hazel? Probably the last porn name I would ever pick, as it conjures up images of an 89-year-old grandmother (was Agnes or Esther already taken?). But the joke’s on me, because he’s hot and I wanna worship that big dick. Finn cites Pittsburgh as home and Hazel is in State College, which makes me wonder if he’s a Penn State jock (and makes want him even more because I can’t resist a college bro).

Hazel Hoffman, Finn August Hazel Hoffman, Finn August

Hazel Hoffman, Finn August

After the opening interview where we get to know them a little better, they two trade sucks and fucks. My favorite visuals are the low shot that capture Hazel’s big balls slamming against Finn’s ass as he pounds him doggy, and Hazel stroking his big dick as he takes it on his back (I’m sorry, it just feels weird using the name “Hazel” as I write about big dicks and hard-pounding gay sex). Finn shoots his load as he sits down on his BF, and Hazel soon pulls out and cums in his crack before Finn sits back on it to milk him.

What do you think of these newcomers? After seeing them and Oliver Marks fuck with real-life BF Carter Collins, I can’t wait to see what couple CockyBoys introduces us to next. (And does the name Hazel seem like an odd choice to you, or am I just a cunt?)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


7 thoughts on “Real-Life Boyfriends Flip with Their Big Dicks in CockyBoys Debut”

  1. Universal Potentate

    That was a bit of a mind fuck.
    Without reading the article, I clicked the vid. My gaydar must be a lil off because I was not expecting “Hazel” to be the one whose purse fell out of his mouth.
    Anyway, the angles of this shoot were bad. I didn’t really get to see their asses or holes. Maybe the video is better than the preview, but c’mon! We know the formula: dick soft, dick hard, ass, hole, face, abs, full body. Then pits and feet to bring in the fetish crowd.
    This preview hardly showed their dicks. I kinda feel bad for these two.

  2. When will gay men learn that using the word “cunt” is just as injurious to women as the N-word is to Blacks? And “manpussy”? Don’t get me started.

    1. Well, I sometimes refer to my “mangina” and no one seems to mind. In fact, I’ve used that word to my female friends and they think it’s hilarious.

  3. With those looks, you’d think Hazel would be beyond conceited but is one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.

    P.S. Yes, Dan, you’re a cunt as Hazel is their chosen name

  4. When I see or hear the name Hazel, I think of Shirley Booth and Don DeFore. And when I think of Don DeFore, I think of Disneyland.

    (Anyone else old enough to know those references?)

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