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“For The Record, Everyone, Blake Is Straight.” ~Sean Cody

Sean Cody reminds us Blake is straight. Blake dispels the rumor he’s a total bottom, proclaiming he’s “vers.” When the scene is over, one of them might be telling the truth.

No 4K to get in the way today, guys. And despite the immediate reaction, no missing tops either.

After seeing his surprisingly credible flip with Joey, I knew Blake had the potential to be a decent top. He even satisfied uber-bottom Lane that time. But the mechanics will only take you so far. The opportune question is, does Blake really have the chops to take care of piggy, bossy Manny?

blake manny bareback sean codyAfter 35 scenes and four years on the site mostly as a bottom. After repeatedly “no homo” kissing during the interview. After pointing to Manny and extolling the virtues of his big dick, an unprompted reaffirmation of Blake’s heterosexuality is an unnecessary head scratcher at this point wouldn’t you say?

blake manny bareback sean codyYes. We all remember the whole “str8 guy” shtick gave Sean Cody a foothold in gay porn back in the day. But today, Sean Cody went back there after Blake revealed his “bro crush” on Manny. After watching the scene, the crush is believable. Did they “go there” because they were worried Blake wasn’t up for the task at hand? Were they trying to have his performance graded on a “breeder curve?” They didn’t need to. Both he and Manny do just fine.

Outside kissing moves inside where Blake gets blown before rimming Manny. The initial standing doggie is a little lackluster. But when Manny gives Blake a mid-fuck ATM, it awakens Blake’s inner-top and the coffee table fuck starts percolating. Blake pounds away and jacks Manny to his first load. He shoots all over Manny’s hole then fingers his load while Manny cleans off his dick. Weak start. Solid finish. And a fluid one too.

blake manny bareback sean codyUp to the bedroom for round two where Blake is on his knees and suck Manny’s big dick down the balls. Some aggressive missionary is followed by Manny riding Blake at a good clip. Manny twists to the side and jacks out his second load all over Blake’s thigh.

blake manny bareback sean codyDoes Manny ATM Blake again? Surely that’s a rhetorical question by now. But did Blake eat his own load right from Manny’s freshly creampied hole? Look at the image below. Not bad breeding for a breeder, eh?

[Watch “Manny & Blake: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

The whole “straight” guy thing – does it matter to you one way or another?

23 thoughts on ““For The Record, Everyone, Blake Is Straight.” ~Sean Cody”

  1. I can’t believe I am on here commenting on Blake again, but I am obsessed. He is the hottest guy in porn. He is my #1 go to for Jack off fantasy. I recently watched Blake and Liev in a scene, and Liev was fingering and rimming Blake’s perfect ass. I was so turned on by Liev’s attention to Blake’s ass that I shot my load before the actual fucking. Again, Blake is a reincarnation of Paul Johnson from the porn of the 1990’s early 2000’s.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that not since Paul Johnson (Father Figure 1&2) have I seen a body as beautiful and perfect (oh that ass) as Blake.

    1. Gentleman,
      I rarely post about anything, nor do I feel compelled to, certainly not about porn , or a silly discussion over someone’s sexuality.
      We all know deep down most any human being can fall in love or be attracted to anyone, if the chemistry and attraction are strong enough. Social , professional and familial pressures are what usually dictate our ultimate decisions. A very unfortunate commentary of society.

      What matters is that, Blake, you’re incredibly handsome and sexual. Your personality radiates through, to everyone, in what you say and what you do. I imagine this is the case in your private life.
      Gentleman, lots of guys are hot and have nice dicks. What sets Blake into a league of his own, is that he has a genuine, comfortable, and engaging personality, that delivers the entire person to viewers with an undeniable wow factor. Also, his smile!!! Good grief. It’s not often a dude gives me butterflies with a smile, but lord Blake does.
      Thanks Blake for all the jack off material…..and butterflies!! ( I’m not sure which I like better)

      South Carolina

    2. Hey Blakers
      Can I be Str8 w you?
      Str8 to the point, Str8 to the bed & with your ass str8 up… (The hotel scene fantasy, your ass is up and ready to go. A guy walks in and gives you a dicking to remember) We can recreate that one, or make one of our own….


      Yeah, I used to be straight, but once I started having sex with men, I knew for sure I was gay. And guess what? I am a total top.

  3. With a voice like that? LOL That said, if I had a body/ass like that, I’d probably pretend to be straight at times too. Otherwise you’d have too many guys trying to get some of that.

  4. There’s nothing wrong with being bisexual. I wish people would get over themselves and this “macho straight” attitude that society expects, and just be who they really are… guys who love to fuck anything that walks haha :)

  5. I think that Harper of CF had a more honest answer to questions about his sexual orientation when he said on F4F: “Nobody who does what I do is 100% straight.”

  6. no way seriously ..i loved blake so hot so dirty great scenes…if this IS true it does ruin it for me…cant look at him the same way anymore… this for real? hes really str8?

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