scotty zee christian bay bareback fuck

Red And Raw

Scotty Zee turns Christian Bay’s hole into a cream-filled ginger snap cookie sandwich.

Amazing what a little henna rinse will do. Wallah; Scotty Zee and Christian Bay are redheads in “Celebrity Stalker”. Not that crimson color that has anything to do with the scene. But this is NextDoorRaw where plot lines jumped the shark from making sense long ago.

Then again, this isn’t story time and we’ll do what they should: just get to it.

scotty zee christian bay bareback fuckThis is Christian Bay studio debut. Sans the new hair, you may have seen on the receiving end of Logan Cross, Tyler Hill, and Joey Mills at Helix. He also got raw dogged righteously by Austin Wilde at GuysAtSweatpants. Scotty, meanwhile, had his way with Brandon Moore then won the lottery and traded fucks with Gabriel Cross in Gabriel’s first bareback scene ever.

scotty zee christian bay bareback fuckToday, there’s something about a celebrity pianist in the closet, a soldier, a stalker, a stranded motorist, and a lost cell phone. That takes almost as much time to set up as the extended oral sequence. Fortunately, both Scotty and Christian have plenty to suck on. And flexible jaws.

scotty zee christian bay bareback fuckWe also learn that piano benches are a platform for much more than concerts. Let the barebacking music play.

scotty zee christian bay bareback fuckWhile I do think they are wasting some of Scotty’s talents by not having him bottom more, he hits all the right notes today and fucks a heavy load out of Christian. When it’s his turn, he nuts all over Scotty’s hole and loads it home. What is you see is what a fresh cream pie looks like the second before its baked. Anybody hungry?

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