Dillon Diaz, Jake Waters

Red Hot Love: How Cute Are Dillon Diaz & Jake Waters Together?!

The new super sexy porn power couple has been lighting up social media with their adorable declarations for each other–and an upcoming Falcon scene together will capture more of their magic.

Jake Waters made his studio porn debut in a scene with Dillon Diaz a year ago, and we were pretty convinced they had some serious chemistry:

Dillon Diaz, Jake Waters

But we didn’t think too much of it as the months went on. Diaz in particular is pretty business like with his Twitter, keeping his personal life mostly a mystery. But earlier this year the clues started coming, including this hint from Noir Male

Jake then started being coy on social media about meeting someone special…

…and quickly gave the mystery man the nickname “Mr. Can’t Do No Wrong” in another series of tweets:

We finally got a hint at his identity with this post, showing just Dillon’s backside:

And then Waters showing up as a special guest on Dillon’s Insta live for Noir Male on March 21:

Dillon Diaz, Jake Waters

Just days later, the “L” word was brought out in full force (with a capital “L,” we might add):

And then one day after Jake’s 40th birthday (What? He’s 40?! He could say 27 and I wouldn’t bat an eye), the curtain came up and Dillon was finally named (for those of us too stupid to have figured it out):

And it has gotten hotter and stronger since, the two of them happy to declare their love for each other (I mean, making a man eggs is pretty fucking serious, y’all!):


And a few days ago, we got confirmation about an upcoming Falcon scene they just shot (plus more sweet sentiments):

What do you think of these two sexy lovebirds? They’re giving us a lot to smile about, and we can’t wait to see more! Be on the lookout for their upcoming Falcon scene, and in the meantime see Dillon and Jake at Noir Male!

Dillon Diaz, Jake Waters


14 thoughts on “Red Hot Love: How Cute Are Dillon Diaz & Jake Waters Together?!”

  1. I don’t think I could handle being with Dillon. Seeing him engaging in heterosexual scenes. Eating out females and engaging in vaginal and anal sex with females would be a killer for me. I couldn’t do it at all.

        1. So you’d be okay seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend fucking other males or females too??? Oh excuse me.. is that being biphobic by asking that question??

          Hmmm exactly? Can’t spin it into something biphobic can you?

          1. Universal Potentate

            Someone replied to this today so I saw your reply … today.
            I am promiscuous/polyamorous and have a strong emotion called compersion. The issue of a partner having sex with other people (male or female or both at once) does not exist tor me.
            However, there is also disgust. Watching them have sex with a rhino or a corpse or a diseased person with open sores or a MAGA Republican (a combination of the above 3) … that would be upsetting.
            The question is, is it generally upsetting (temporary), romantically upsetting (can them but not date them) or sexually upsetting (date but cannot fuck) or some combination of the above?
            I wouldn’t suggest someone has a “love deficit” but I would say that someone who can be disgusted and get over it has a different sort of love than someone who doesn’t, perhaps more maturity.
            Polyamory vs Monogamy
            Temporary disgust vs Permanent line-crossing
            Compersion vs Jealousy

      1. I ask you the same question as your little buddy who cried the biphobic card all day long. Take a look and then give me your response.

      2. Agreed! I consider myself sexually fluid or on the sexuality spectrum and yes, I also have sex with women and especially like oral and vaginal sex with them (even more than I enjoy anal sex with any of the sexes). However, I am an one-person man and practice monogamy with whomever I am attached. But bisexual erasure, especially for bisexual males, is extremely frustrating.

    1. You know what, people need to stop throwing out there that someone is biphobic or transphobic if they don’t like a bi or trans porn star or scene. It really gets fucking old. Face the fact that not every single person is fluid. Damn. You all cry about not being included but the fact of the matter is that you’ll are the ones that alienate gays or lesbians when we don’t like what you like. Get off of that shit. It’s tiring to say the least.

      My response didn’t say anything about him as a person or his orientation preference, I said that I couldn’t be his boyfriend and see him engaging in sexual acts with a woman. Point blank. I’m thinking as from his boyfriend’s stand point. So come off that shit. Stop playing the victims all the damn time, especially when you do the attacking yourselves.

      You don’t run to every str8 person who doesn’t like anything besides str8 porn and immediately call them a homophobe. It’s their preference. Go find something else to do.

        1. Universal, you need to come to the conclusion that gay men do exist. Not everyone has to agree with you and not everyone is fluid. Once you do that love, you’ll feel so much better.

  2. Now & then u come across a hot pairing in porn. You know they got along b/c the chemistry was there through out the production. These two got it. Just like Austin Wilde and Dominic Santos had in their scene a few years back. You can see it in their eyes and the sex, and we the consumers are treated to a truly hot sex scene.

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