Reese Rideout Reveals Woman In Hospice Died After He Gave Her A Lap Dance

Well, that’s one way to go out! During the most recent episode of Discretion Advised, the official podcast of Falcon | NakedSword, porn star Reese Rideout revealed to listeners that he was once hired to perform in a hospice home for a woman who ended up dying the day after his exotic lap dance.

“This lady, [it] was her last week,” said the longtime performer and dancer to fellow guest Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil along with hosts John Hill and Marc MacNamara. “That was her last wish for me to dance on her and she actually died the next day.”

Oop! Unsurprisingly, everyone else on the podcast was shocked by this news about Reese’s deadly dancing skills, but Reese went on to explain that the woman was able to go out happy as she was surrounded by his thrusts and those who love her.

“Her family was there and all the nurses,” continued Reese. “They brought her in the room on the bed and I was just trying to dry hump her as well as I could on the bed and she was just in bliss. Last day alive.”

Well, all I can say is that when I get to the age where I’m in hospice, I hope I have the opportunity to have some muscle stud come dance on me one last time. Sounds like the perfect way to go out if we’re being honest.


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