Reese Rideout, Matty West

Reese Rideout Travels Back to ‘Falcon 1971’ & Channels His Inner Al Parker

The new retro-inspired hit Falcon 1971 is doubly exciting: Not only do we get to see hot new pairings, we get to revisit some of the hottest scenes from the legendary studio’s library.

That started with Johnny Donovan sporting a pornstache and paying tribute to Dick Fisk (in that hot Champs scene with Sky Dawson). And now we get to see Reese Rideout channel the legendary Al Parker, who fucked Casey Donovan in the hit to end all hits, The Other Side of Aspen. In case you need a reminder…

Al Parker, Casey Donovan Al Parker, Casey Donovan

Al Parker, Casey Donovan Al Parker, Casey Donovan

Damn is Al hot AF! Joining Reese is Matty West, making his Falcon debut and wearing his tight shorts as well as Casey did. (Is it just me, or does Matty totally give off younger Trenton Ducati vibes?) Matty jacks off watching the classic scene, then transports himself into his own version of it as he returns from a sweaty run and quickly gets on his knees for Reece’s piece.

Reese Rideout, Matty West Reese Rideout, Matty West

Reese Rideout, Matty West Reese Rideout, Matty West

We get a very hot 69, with both of their boners looking delicious. Reece uses the position to warm up Matty’s hole, then rolls up the sub’s ass to finger it. Matty then gets on his back to take it, his own cock nice and stiff. The bottom stays rock hard as he sits down on Reece and rides, also finding some time to feed the muscle man’s handsome face.

Reese Rideout, Matty West Reese Rideout, Matty West

Reese Rideout, Matty West

Too bad they couldn’t recreate those bed sheets! What classic Falcon porn scenes would you like to see recreated?

See the full scene at Falcon!


34 thoughts on “Reese Rideout Travels Back to ‘Falcon 1971’ & Channels His Inner Al Parker”

  1. Not Reese’s best scene but damn he’s so fucking hot in everything he does. Falcon needs to do a scene with Reese bottoming because that’s what he does best

    1. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think you’re off the mark here. Reese Rideout is a great name for a porn star. And if my high school math teacher looked half that good I’d be all over him in a heartbeat

  2. Ironically Reese did a movie called That 70s Gay Porn Movie. That movie as cheesy as it was did a better job of capturing the feeling of the 70s. This scene doesn’t feel like the 70s at all

  3. Mr. Rideout is the consummate gay porn star. He just exudes sexiness in every film he’s in and in my eyes his talent and sex appeal is unmatched. It’s simply marvelous to see Mr. Rideout’s star continue to shine so bright in an industry where stars fade quickly and talents come and go. What a career Mr. Rideout has had thus far. Bravo!

    1. I agree with you for the most part but I don’t think that Reese is the most attractive porn star. There’s definitely more attractive guys in porn but Reese is definitely one of the best if not the best performer especially when he bottoms. If there was a hall of fame for porn Reese Rideout would definitely be in it.

  4. I’m old enough to remember the golden era of gay porn. For me much of it has gone downhill in the last 10 years or so. But Reese Rideout continues to be the only reason I still watch gay porn. He’s not overly flashy without being mechanical. He’s a talented performer who also lets his scene partner shine as well. The brilliance of Reese Rideout is much needed in today’s world of gay porn

  5. Okay whinny rant to fallow.
    That is a 1976 El Dorado.
    I don’t remember colored jocks in the 80’s.
    And the wall graphics would be bleeding edge interior design but that bed is solid 80’s art deco redo.
    Falcon, what Zoomer is doing the set design these days?
    Rant over.

    1. I think both scenes are great but the problem is calling this new one Falcon 1971. The scenes don’t look anything like each other. I wish the studio just created a set that was a replica of the one in the original with Al Parker.

  6. Reese Rideout has been a standout performer for years. He’s become a better performer as time as passed. When he was new on the scene there was all this talk about him being gay for pay and he was making television appearances with his wife. I think his “gay for pay” status held him back in performing. Now he’s full throttle an amazing performer and in my eyes the best in the business at this very moment

    1. Wow, blaming a guy for getting AIDS. You’re taking me back to the ‘80s and the good ol’ homophobic Reagan years. Thanks for NOTHING, asshole.

        1. Another asshole. AIDS (it didn’t have a name at the time) wasn’t discovered and publicized until 1981. I’d tell you to learn your (?) history, but I know some people
          don’t read. AIDS shaming and blaming is so 1980s except from jerks like you.

  7. Reese is a great example of the advantages of being vers. When he bottoms he’s amazing and you can tell he’s really pleasing the top and that comes from knowing how to be a good too. Great tops can make great bottoms for this reason. As a top he takes his knowledge from bottoming to give his bottoms pleasure while also taking care of them. Reese is the best

  8. While the two scenes feel completely different there’s no denying how ridiculously hot Reese is. He’s a dream top. He’s hardcore but makes sure the bottom is feeling good. Plus he’s an amazing performer. Doesn’t get better than that!

    1. I totally agree! The remake doesn’t match the vibe of the original but it’s a great scene nonetheless. Reese really shines here. It would have been even better if they flip fucked since Reese is an awesome bottom too

  9. The 70s and 80s was the golden era of gay porn but Reese Rideout is certainly the best of this era. Great to see Reese still going strong he’s the best of the best

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