Reno Gold

Reno Gold Fucks A Pillow & Laps Up His Own Load

Have you ever had the chance to fuck a pillow? Or at least the chance to fuck a weird armrest-type creation that acts as a mount for your Fleshjack sex toys? If the answer is yes, then you have something in common with Reno Gold!

For his latest video on his personal site, this porn hunk is going full pillow pounder and pulling out his hard cock to dick down a fake hole that’s stuffing into a Liberator Fleshjack mount. After some intense trusting and some even more intense eye-fucking towards the camera, Reno ends the video by pulling out of the Fleshjack to bust an impressive load and even go into lick some of it up. Take a look below at the cummy pillow-fucking action:

So what do you think? Are you into watching guys using sex toys like this? Do you own a Fleshjack? Do you own one of these Fleshjack mounts? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire scene right now over on!

[Watch ‘Pillow Pounding’ ft. Reno Gold]


8 thoughts on “Reno Gold Fucks A Pillow & Laps Up His Own Load”

  1. i read a very interesting interview he did, he said his family was very conservative and christian, but hes become very successful, investing in real estate etc. he said the family is now very supportive …hmm could it be the money? lol my family wont even say the word gay, they love me but cant bear to hear anything about it, i get so mystified when i read stories of these guys parents thinking its great they do porn lmao. dont get me wrong i love porn but it kinda stuns me

  2. Why are we still giving any attention to this basic boring ass man? He’s so dull and his vids aren’t entertaining. How many times are we gonna see this man hump a pillow or a body?!

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