“Rentboy Headquarters is without power in NYC…”

“…Please be patient during this national emergency.”

Rentboy tweets. As if this national tragedy couldn’t get any worse, it’s now day 3 without the New York-based escort service, thanks to Sandy. And it’s not just down in New York–the power outage has taken Rentboy’s servers down, meaning the site won’t load anywhere. How much money are the world’s hookers losing this week? More importantly, how are all of the companion-seeking men across the planet coping with the devastating loneliness? Will some of them resort to using Madame David Forest’s “Meet The Stars” program, or is masturbating alone while crying a more reliable option?

5 thoughts on ““Rentboy Headquarters is without power in NYC…””

    1. Rentboy.com is back up and their traffic is higher than both of the sites you mention. Rentmen.com is not even in traffic rankings, it is so low.

  1. Who needs a hooker when Chelsea is shrouded in darkness and no one can get to work? Meet your neighbors, lonely boy!

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