Report: Bel Ami Models Booted From Mediterranean Cruise; Stranded In Tunisia

Who in their right mind would do anything mean to the boys of Bel Ami? Some cunty crew members of an RSVP cruise line, apparently.

The below comes from someone named “Joe,” who emailed MenOfPorn about what he says happened on a gay cruise he took last month.

I just got back from an RSVP cruise in the Mediterranean. Everyone was really excited to see a troupe of about 10 Bel Ami boys on the ship, led by Johan Paulik. They were everywhere: goofing around at muster, out by the pool, constantly being photographed.

Then, they were KICKED OFF the boat and abandoned in Tunisia, the very first stop. Rumors ran wild: one of the models was under 21; or, they weren’t approved for filming on the boat and were caught; etc. We asked a Holland America employee. She said that SHE heard they were filming in places where they weren’t supposed to be (perhaps the hydrotherapy pool in the spa), were asked to stop, but did it again. And thus they were asked to leave. Someone asked the head of RSVP. He said that they were NOT officially invited by RSVP, and did not make any special arrangements, and were asked to leave for unspecified reasons. I think it was Holland America that kicked them off, not RSVP. They must have been pretty disruptive for it to have come to that.

I spoke with the president of RSVP Cruise Lines, Jeff Gundvaldson, who would neither confirm nor deny any incident on the cruise (which, of course, means something happened).

“We don’t comment on anything that happens on our cruises,” Gundvaldson said.

I asked if RSVP had hosted adult entertainers in the past, which he confirmed. He added that those entertainers, and all guests, sign contracts upon going on an RSVP cruise. I asked if RSVP had a contract with Bel Ami, and Gundvaldson said, “Yes, we had a contract with the individuals who came on the cruise.”

It’s unclear what the Bel Ami boys were doing on the boat in the first place, but it’s inconceivable to me that Bel Ami would have spent what must have been tens of thousands of dollars sending all their models on a cruise without giving advance notice to RSVP.

Bel Ami has declined to comment on this story, but did tell me that all of their models are doing just fine. Phew.



19 thoughts on “Report: Bel Ami Models Booted From Mediterranean Cruise; Stranded In Tunisia”

  1. Why would Holland America allow gay pornstars to shoot videos on board their ship? I love gay porn as much as the next guy, but from a business perspective, having a porno shot on the ship damages the brand for the other 90% of the cruises. I’m sure the bel Ami boys weren’t thrown off for no reason. Just because they’re cute and gay doesn’t give them license to do whatever they want. I think the line should have been more judicious about putting them off in Tunisia, but, if they were warned and continued anyway, they got what they deserved.

  2. They were filming w/o permission from Holland America, were asked to stop and continued anyway.
    Yes, they were filming in the Hydotherapy Pool, a porno in fact. When word got to the Captain about them taking peoples Roomcards (LAME) in the bars and charging up rounds of drinks on them, he had enough. They are lucky they were not stuck in a hole in the bottom of the boat to await International Maritime Law Charges. RSVP had nothing to do with them being there or their departure. But knowing our gracious hosts, most likely they helped them get home though safely.

    1. What an outrageous assertion. You must be associated with RSVP or Holland America. There is absolutely no excuse for abandoning a bunch of young men, regardless of their profession, in a place of such hostility. I hope every member of the Bel Ami Models win an enourmous cash settlement which backrupts both RSVP and Holland America. I don’t think that any gay person can justify such a drastic action. I am sure that the photographer’s camera could have been seized, and many other less drastic actions could have been taken.

  3. Tunisia well that sounds wild but can you imagine Jean Daniel Cadinots take on this “Bel Ami boys sold into Moroccan Slavery!”

  4. so uncomfortable with the idea of Kevin Warhol being stranded somewhere that sounds just south of Narnia. are we sure he’s safe? i’m sure he’s ok physically, but what about emotionally? i’m frantic.

  5. I’ve been reading this post and the comments, but I don’t yet see any random mention of Chris Porter.

    1. I’ve turned it into a game – based on the article title I try to guess how many comments in before someone says something snarky about Chris Porter…If I guess well, I reward myself with some porn! CP porn of course :)

  6. Perhaps they heard a rumor that Austin Wilde was in area and removed the models for their own safety. I could easily see Ryan, Anthony, and, Austin dressed as pirates boarding the ship and shanghaiing the Bel-Ami boys. Now that would be a great movie idea.

  7. I am sure the cruise was not the same with the boys gone. I would demand my money back! They are so beautiful and well behaved that I can’t see anything going wrong. OK, we don’t know about well behaved, but beautiful we do!

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