Report: Fratpad’s Spencer Joins The Cast Of MTV’s “Real World”

Reality show message board Vevmo reports (via DudetubeOnline) that MTV has cast 24-year-old Dustin Zito, a.k.a. “Spencer,” in the upcoming 9000th season of Real World, which is currently filming in Las Vegas. Spencer was one of the most popular–if not the most popular–Fratmen in the site’s history. I haven’t watched Real World in at least 10 years, but maybe now I will? Eh, probably not. Spencer was also one of the rare Fratmen who actually did stuff with other guys (several oral scenes and, if my memory is correct, one anal scene that streamed for pay-per-view members), and he’s clearly really hot, which should all make for very good teevee!





With a built-in fan base and the potential for (phony) controversy, it’s obvious why MTV cast him, but will his gay porn past actually be discussed on the show? What about his sexuality? Also, who cares? For me, it was never a question of whether Spencer was gay or straight, but whether Spencer was sane or crazy.

Here he is fucking a pumpkin. (Note: The play button in the middle of the video doesn’t work; click the play button on the bottom left next to the time code.)

Love him.

And here he is giving us a tour of the Fratpad. Are we sure he’s going on Real World and not MTV’s Cribs?

[UPDATE: Click here for even more newly discovered Fratpad Spencer videos, including a “cock fight” clip.]

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