Revenge is Served Cold in New Queer Movie ‘Femme’

Who’s looking for a sexy new gay movie? We love watching all the fucking in queer movies. But, of course, those movies aren’t all cum and games. They come with their share of drama- and, sometimes, they feel a little too real.

Femme is the latest LGBT movie with lots of gay sex and toxic love- not the toxic love that has arguments- but the kind where you wonder if revealing someone’s secret will get you killed.

Plotline: after a night of performing in drag as Aphrodite Banks, Jules (played by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) is heading home and stops by a mini-mart for some cigarettes. When he steps outside, a homophobic man named Preston (George MacKay) brutally attacks him leaving Jules with scars- both outside and in. Several months go by, Jules is recovering and isolating himself from the world. One night, he stops by a gay sauna to check things out. To his surprise, he finds his attacker there. Preston is a closeted gay man who will resort to violence before anyone knows his secret. Since Jules is out of makeup, Preston doesn’t recognize him as the queen he assaulted. This leaves Jules to develop chemistry with Preston as he slowly but surely finds a way to get his revenge.

Without revealing too much, let’s just say that the suspense builds hard between these characters. The entire film leaves you guessing when shit is about to go down. Are we about to see a big, bloody blowout? Or, more fucking? The sex scenes are extra intense when you know a revenge plot is at bay just waiting to explode.

Filmmakers Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping said in a press release that the idea for this movie was to show how queer people can feel unsafe in straight places. They said it’s a “feeling of being unemotionally, sometimes physically, endangered. We wanted to make the most exciting and visceral version of that story.”

They also pointed out how Jules has a journey that starts with confidence. After losing it, he attempts to get it back even if it’s by taking dark paths.

“He’s fueled by a need to restore justice,” the filmmakers’ statement continues. “That is something that anyone, queer or otherwise, can empathize with. That he takes the unhealthy path is also deeply human.”

Exploring your sexuality is always a journey. Sometimes, the best moments are the ones that feel “a little” bad, right? If you like watching gay sex and enjoying your bad fetishes with men, be sure to find thousands of them on Men on gay cams are ready to cum now.

Femme will play nationwide beginning April 5th.


9 thoughts on “Revenge is Served Cold in New Queer Movie ‘Femme’”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Is this going to be available or is it going to be released in 25 art houses and then only be available on some inaccessible website for $25?

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