Rhyheim & Elijah Heat Up, Owen’s Onion, Devin’s Rocket, Dirty Talking Luke, Trevor’s Chess Piece

In our Social Circle Jerk, Rhyheim Shabazz and Elijah Zayne put on a show; Owen Hawk shows off his skills, Devin Holt has an explosive breakfast, Steven Lee teases us, Trevor Harris has a great chess piece, and more!

Here’s some of our favorite recent social media posts. Who had your favorite post? Vote in our poll!

1. Rhyheim Shabazz & Elijah Zayne get some alone time…

See more of Rhyheim at CockyBoys!

2. Owen Hawk shows off his onion…and sucking skills!

See more of Owen at NakedSword!

3. Devin Holt has an explosive breakfast

See more of Devin at Helix!

4. Dickie face fucks Philip

See more of Dickie at Raging Stallion!

5. Luke Truong is a dirty talker

See more of Luke at CutlersDen!

6. We miss Steven Lee!!!

See more of Steven at Falcon!

7. Dear Malik…yes!

8. Roman Todd‘s difficult question

See more of Roman at NakedSword!

9. Hi there, Charlie!

10. Trevor Harris has a hot chess piece

See more of Trevor at Helix!

11. Thick Dick of the Week: Jasper

12. Squirt of the Week: Genesis

13. Whatever you say, CTB!

14. Mr. Caccamo hits the beach

15. Ryan and Chad hit the showers

See more of Ryan and Chad at JustFor.Fans!

16. Wolver Peen is my favorite X Man

See more of Wolver Peen at JustFor.Fans!

17. Hello, Master Robertson!

18. Teddy Bear is a snack

See more of Teddy Bear at JustFor.Fans!

6 thoughts on “Rhyheim & Elijah Heat Up, Owen’s Onion, Devin’s Rocket, Dirty Talking Luke, Trevor’s Chess Piece”

  1. Truong is hot for sure. Over Hawk – almost always has “God I’m stoned” eyes now, and that flip-the-dick thing he does 30 times per video got old a year ago. Talk about wasted potential…

  2. Based on my individual taste – without knowing the content of the performers – my votes go to Luke Truong, Teddy Bear, Wolver Peen, Mr. Caccamo, Steven Lee and Owen Hawk.

  3. Christian Labeaux

    Just a note for you guys, but Trevor Harris doesn’t work for Helix Studios anymore. He works exclusively for NextDoorStudios now.

    1. … He still has lots more scenes on the Helix Studios website than anywhere else, so the “See more of Trevor at Helix!” is not incorrect.

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