ricky decker jacob taylor doctors office fuck

Dicking Dr. Decker

Does how good Ricky Decker looks with something going up his ass makes us forget some the crap that comes out of his mouth?

Yes, Sean Cody’s former Arthur, and current the current Ricky Decker, is one of those. And the lady doth protest too much, me thinks. In reality, Ricky Decker wouldn’t have to worry about defending his shield of heterosexuality on Twitter if his big dick get so damn hard when a stud like Jacob Taylor fucks him silly now would we?

ricky decker jacob taylor doctors office fuck
Not just Jacob Taylor. Falcon Studio Groups Andrew Stark and the big balled Justin Maddox also made Ricky’s dick to “fuck me so good” happy dance just to name two. Like Sean the Watermelon Man at Sean Cody, there’s a perverse pleasure to seeing his body physically respond in spite of itself.

ricky decker jacob taylor doctors office fuck
On the other hand, if your body didn’t respond accordingly when on the business end of a Jacob Taylor fucking, you wouldn’t be Gay4$, you’d be dead.

ricky decker jacob taylor doctors office fuck
Today, Dr. Decker is mad because of the office dicking nurse Jacob Taylor gave nurse Jacob Peterson last time. He’s mad all right. Mad because it wasn’t his ass pummeled by Jacob Taylor’s powerful thrusts. He makes up for that today. Way to go, Ricky. Nothing says “I’m not gay” like having the dick that was just in your ass cum on abs on top of the load he just fucked out of you now does it?

[Watch the Ricky Decker & Jacob Taylor in “Doctor’s Orders” feature]

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  1. When I saw on Twitter he said I am a straight conservative and that why I support Trump I thought honey you work in gay porn and work as a gay escort and you think thats wise to put that on twitter talk about bitting the hand that feeds you.

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