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‘RIDE OR DIE’ Drastically Shifts Its Tone For Latest Installment

It looks like RuPaul’s Drag Race isn’t the only must-watch show dominating gay men’s lives on Fridays! As of last week, Fridays everywhere started being taken over by new episodes of the Raging Stallion original series RIDE OR DIE and lucky for us, the latest installment of this must-watch show dropped a few moments ago.

As we’re sure you remember, last week saw the two-episode debut of this highly anticipated project. (If you need catching up on those first two episodes, you can head here and here.) This new episode picks things up immediately with warden Cole Connor continuing to berate Dillon Diaz as a brawl breaks out between Drew Valentino and ginger hunk Bennett Anthony.

After the intense altercation, everyone is sent to their cells and Drew is reunited with his prison boyfriend and our personal porn crush – Beau Butler! What follows is a shockingly passionate hookup between the two men as they realize this might be their last moments together before Drew is hauled away to solitary confinement.

This acts as a drastic shift from the first two episodes of the drama series. While those intense bareback scenes put you on the edge of your seat and in the middle of the action, this scene really just focuses on the connection between these two lovers that are simply just trying to make every second together count. Honestly, props to both Drew and Beau for making this prison romance as realistic and intimate as they possibly could. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that they were actually in love in real life. (Hey, they could be for all we know!)

If you’re a hardcore fan of Falcon | NakedSword then you’ll also know that both of the studs featured in this scene are studio exclusive models and that this major role in RIDE OR DIE is actually only Drew Valentino’s third project with the studio group. You’ve previously seen Drew bareback an HR rep in Raging Stallion’s Power Play and act as a horny medical man in Hot House’s Dirty Desert Doctors.

As for Beau, there are about one million different Falcon | NakedSword projects you know him from. He’s been in plenty of duo scenes, threesomes, and once even acted as a human cum sponge for a Raging Stallion scene. If you want to glance over some of the beefy hunk’s greatest hits, go ahead and click here.

So what do you think of this new scene? Have you submitted your weekly entries for the RIDE OR DIE sweepstakes? Do you have a favorite RIDE OR DIE episode so far? Are you into the intense nailbiting sex scenes featured in the first two episodes or do you prefer more intimate hookups like this one?

Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts on this new drama series and be sure to watch this full bareback prison scene over on Raging Stallion right now.

[Watch ‘RIDE OR DIE’ w/ Beau Butler & Drew Valentino]


6 thoughts on “‘RIDE OR DIE’ Drastically Shifts Its Tone For Latest Installment”

  1. Man, I just don’t understand some of you guys!!! Two extremely gorgeous, hot, sexy guys fucking; WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE??? Gives me an instant Erection and Pre-Cum Flowing like WILD

  2. Oh geez, paleeze. When are these studios gonna stop with these overly produced stupid scenarios and just shoot people fucking naturally or not as produced? Examples – Rhyheim Shabazz porn, Tim tales, onlyfans. Studio porn is on its way out

    1. go to your other sites if you really dont like it …I LOVE scenarios setting the mood , reallly dont like it when its just here we are lets do it

    2. if you dont like it nobody is forcing you to watch it, dont judge them for a job that is already extremely difficult

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