rikk york hugo diaz flip fuck raging stallion

Rikk York & Hugo Diaz’s Fur Covered Flip

Man pelts, untrimmed bushes, hairy holes, and facial scruff all become pre-cum trappers as this flip gets “Primal”.

Adam Ramzi and Bruno Bernal. Brian Bonds and Brogan Reed. None of them are over-waxed pretty boys of porn. These are the kind of men whose sexual instincts are triggered by pheromones and the struggle for dominance. Or to be dominated.

Or as in the case of Rikk York & Hugo Diaz today, the need for both in this third scene from “Primal” from Raging Stallion.

rikk york hugo diaz flip fuck raging stallionPlayful nibbles, loving caresses, and borrowed from TV stories are everything “Primal” isn’t. “Primal” is an exploration of the base desires of men driven by their dick and holes. Furry, scruffed Latino Hugo Diaz is making his Raging Stallion debut today. As soon as he sees the tall, swarthy Rikk York, his uncut cock starts to twitch.

diazyork-2With Rikk York, as we saw when Rafael Alencar repurposed him into a human fuck toy in “International Playboys”, Hugo has everything that makes his own dick rise. And his hole twitch. Today, he’s going to put both of them to use.

rikk york hugo diaz flip fuck raging stallionAs they devour each other’s cocks and holes, thick strands of spit drip from both of their dicks and mixes with their precum in puddles of desire. First Rikk’s finger probes Hugo’s sweet hole, then Rikk pumps him full tilt. All the while, Hugo grinds back on Rikk, working every inch in from every angle, as deep as he can get it.

rikk york hugo diaz flip fuck raging stallionWhen the hunger in Rikk’s hole takes over, so does Hugo. His dives his tongue deep into Rikk’s tunnel only to replace it with his dick. Hugo doesn’t stop until he’s pummeled a huge load out Rikk that gets trapped in his hairy abs. Rikk kneels and Hugo aims his cock at Hugo’s face. His load gets trapped too … right in Rikk’s mouth.

[Watch Rikk York & Hugo Diaz in “Primal” scene three]

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