rikk york teddy torres flip fuck

A Day In The Life Of Rikk York’s “24 Hour Boner”

Ropes of cum land on Teddy Torres’ sweaty fur after a frantic backroom flip fuck, but Rikk York’ perma-bone is still battle ready to take more prisoners.

Director Steve Cruz takes on a journey into the world’s most fun and amazing 24-hour convenience store in “24 Hour Boner”, the new DVD from Raging Stallion STudios (RSS).

After an innocent looking energy drink that packs a punch to the crotch flies off the shelves, it becomes a real marathon battle of the bulge that won’t go down.

The cock warriors battling it out include ten studs taking this matter into their own hands. And into the mouths and holes of each other:

RSS exclusive Rikk York  |  Teddy Torres  |  Seth Santoro  |  Tegan Zayne  |  Aleks Buldocek
rikk york teddy torres flip fuckJaxton Wheeler  |  Lorenzo Flexx  |  Nate Stetson  |  Jett Rink  |  Sergeant Miles

Our journey into the not so quick quickie mart begins today with Rikk & Teddy

rikk york teddy torres flip fuck“Hunky Rikk York can barely keep his eyes open while working at the 24-hour convenience store. To stay awake, he guzzles down what he thinks is an energy drink. It turns out to be a boner elixir and it works instantly. In the meantime, delivery guy Teddy Torres is stacking boxes in the storage room when Rikk walks in with his dick in his hand.”

rikk york teddy torres flip fuckTeddy didn’t need any elixir. One look at Rikk’s hairy chest, furry ass, and throbbing dick and he was raring to go. And so was his cock. The first place it went was all the way down Rikk’s throat.

rikk york teddy torres flip fuckAfter priming Rikk’s asshole with spit he makes his most important delivery of the day in Rikk’s rear. Rikk relished getting railed so deeply, but he still had another issue to deal with: a boner to reduce.

rikk york teddy torres flip fuckHe throws Teddy down on the table and slides all the way in. Practically hands free, Teddy’s cock oozes a gloppy white mess all over his abs before Rikk adds his nut to the pile up of swimmers. And he still has 23 hours yet to go.

[Watch Rikk & Teddy in “24 Hour Boner” scene one at Raging Stallion]


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