Riley Price To Colby Keller: “I’m Sorry”

You read Colby Keller’s blog entry in which he excoriated Riley Price for canceling his shoots, and now you can read Riley Price’s blog entry in which he humbly apologizes to Colby Keller for canceling his shoots.

How would gay porn stars talk to each other about their private business affairs without blogs??

Riley Price:

Colby: Obvously, there was a ton of miscommunication. The hurricane, the last minute model fallout for you..i am sorry.  Please understand i am new at this…I’m not seasoned…yet. This is a great business and it’s given me a lot of opportunity and I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings. Truth is, I have nothing but the utmost respect for you..and I have no interest in getting into a pissing contest with anyone. Send me your receipt, and I’ll reimburse you for your flight.

As far as the rest of you go, check out my new movie, Ulterior Motives. You’ll love it.  I start foaming at the mouth in the very first scene!


16 thoughts on “Riley Price To Colby Keller: “I’m Sorry””

  1. I love both of these guys…well…lust after, anyway. I’m so glad .I don’t have to pick a side. Now if they will just fuck and make up.

  2. I think this says that Mr. Price is growing up and did the mature and professional thing of taking responsibility for what went wrong. There seems to be a shortage of that in this country of late. I’m sure Colby, being the standup guy he is will forgive and…well, maybe.

  3. This is no fun. Where are the drunken tweets? The call for sides. And some melee at an event. Calm and rational resolution?! I’m soooooooooooo disappointed. Don’t these guys know the rules?

  4. That was pretty cool of him. So tired of egotistical gay porn stars starting and continuing petty fights on their blogs / Twitter / online forums…

  5. Yep he is keeping it short and sweet. All Business like. It is difficult to keep your site fresh month by month. Didn’t Matt Rush try to do something like this? Jason Ridge did a dvd thing and then retired.

    1. Don’t know if Ridge’s studio was financially successful but the handful of movies they made were actually surprisingly good and well-cast.
      Again, maybe the venture didn’t pan out financially (it is hard to, even for big studios) but I think Ridge had other reasons to retire – if only the simple fact he had had a VERY long career in porn.

      I am not sure I would advise porn stars to start their own studio as it requires way more work and moolah to make it worth it – but from a porn consumer point of view, most of the original interesting stuff in the past few years have come from those kinds of “original” studios. The big studios have an identity that make them a bit formulaic and a chance at a different style is always welcome.

  6. Don’t know how sincere it is but at the very least it is the smart move to make from a PR point of view.
    Don’t know the guy so can’t tell if he is an a** but at least I’ll have to consider him MUCH smarter than most porn stars I have seen involved in a stupid tiff. Savvy move.

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