Beaux Banks, Liam Cyber

Ripped Liam Cyber Fucks a Load Out of Beaux Banks

2023 is already shaping up to be a much busier year for Liam Cyber, and that’s very, very good news after an anemic output last year.

This is his fourth scene this year for GuysinSweatpants, and as fun as it was to see him bend over for Austin Wilde’s big dick last month, I’m pleased to report that Liam and his big dick are back on top of things. And in a similar string of events, after just seeing typical bottom Beaux Banks show off his top side (!) at GiSP in a hot flip with newcomer Benjy (a hung Israeli who also bottomed for Liam earlier this year, too), he’s back to bending over (it’s like we were living in Opposite Land!).

Beaux Banks, Liam Cyber Beaux Banks, Liam Cyber

Beaux Banks, Liam Cyber Beaux Banks, Liam Cyber

In the cute opening, we learn that this is a reunion of sorts for Beaux and Liam: They met six years ago and promptly fucked, and now are back for a long overdue Round 2. I like the opening banter we get in these GiSP scenes, and wouldn’t mind seeing more of it—it lets their natural personalities shine through.

Beaux Banks, Liam Cyber Beaux Banks, Liam Cyber

Beaux Banks, Liam Cyber Beaux Banks, Liam Cyber

Beaux slurps on Liam’s big and beautiful dick, then offers up his ass—looking especially tasty when he takes it on his back. His own dick is nice and plump, and when Liam starts to jack it as he fucks him? Beautiful! (As are Liam’s abs, which always manage to distract me in every scene that he’s in).

See the full scene at GuysinSweatpants!


14 thoughts on “Ripped Liam Cyber Fucks a Load Out of Beaux Banks”

      1. Nothing like two fatties hiding behind mobile devices fat shaming someone they could never get with and yet still fantasize about.


        1. Universal Potentate

          Thank you! My thoughts exactly!
          Beaux is not as lean but he’s far from fat.
          Most fitness people go through a bulking phase and a shredding phase. It’s not unhealthy to have a rest phase either.
          Beaux looks fantastic.

        2. I actually am in good shape and run a pretty successful onlyfans, that you betches only wish could talk to guys like me xoxoxo.

          1. Pics or you’re a lying piece of shit. Lol

            You’re talking to us…so much for your logic.


          2. Sis listen Sis stop lying. Dont YOU FUkcinSlanDer My Son, oKAYSIS! I AM SICK OF ALL these Queens Making Up crap!!!

  1. a good scene allthough like the other person said, my favorite scene partner beaux has had would def be dalton riley

  2. On a different note. Liked Beaux’s scene with Dalton Riley in Adult Time’s Greedy Cream Pies: Help A Buddy Out. Which he plays a str8 roomie who owes his roomie a favor. Since Dalton is going through a dry spell w/ his girl and he is horny he ends up fucking Beaux. Even though Beaux hand gestures are too fruity or nelly, this was a hot scene that deserves a part 2. This time Beaux should be the top and Dalton says since you liked getting fucked so much, maybe I should try bottoming too.

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