roman todd fucks jay james

It’s Always Darkest Before The Dong

Can Jay James suck his own cock while getting fucked because Roman Todd is that good a top or Jay is that flexible?

I believe the answer, in this case, is both.

Roman Todd has been everywhere lately doing everything from topping to bottoming to both in a bareback flip.

Jay James is making his studio debut in this second scene from “Head Play” at Falcon.

Fitting too. One of his heads has a heavy hanging, uncut honker of a cock and an ass that wants to play.

roman todd fucks jay jamesRoman Todd continues his streak and his assault on the blue balls of gay men everywhere by getting hotter and hotter everytime we see him. Today included.

roman todd fucks jay jamesJay James is just getting started in his career. But based on what we know so far, that big dick slicing through the air as he gets fucked will prove to be almost as memorable of a visual as the self-suck job both his size and flexibility bless him with the ability to perform.

roman todd fucks jay jamesIn today’s “Headplay” scene, Roman Todd steals a mystical object from Ryan Rose and Skyy Knox in a virtual world. Then, Jay James appears out of thin air, takes the treasure from Roman’s hands.

roman todd fucks jay jamesAs the sky goes dark in broad daylight, the filming does as well. If you could watch a couple fuck through a peephole with the lights out, this is what you would see. And you know you would be looking. Especially if that couple featured Roman Todd and a self-sucking bottom making his blue screen debut.

[Watch James & Roman in “Head Play” scene two at Falcon]

Darnkess can add mystery. Mystery can be sexy. Was it sexy for you today?

4 thoughts on “It’s Always Darkest Before The Dong”

  1. I gotta admit it man. Looking at those stills of Roman Todd make me want to be his bottom bitch. That dude has morphed into a porn god.

  2. Roman Todd looking absolutely gorgeous and yet the whole thing is ruined by that unerotic dark cinematography. WTF, Falcon?

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