roman todd fucks seth knight

Roman Todd’s Long Day’s Journey Into Knight

Roman’s journey into Seth Knight starts with taking a big plunge into the pool. Then into Seth. And sometimes, those acts are committed simultaneously.

The only thing better than having Roman Todd in the opening scene for “Pool Mates” from NakedSword Originals is getting a second helping of one of the hottest men in gay porn today in today’s finale.

This is the first time we have seen Seth Knight in a NakedSword Originals since 2012’s “Grindhouse” in 2012.

Then again, who wouldn’t come back for a chance to be with Roman Todd?

roman todd fucks seth knight

Seth Knight    |   Roman Todd

roman todd fucks seth knight“There’s no denying the sexual attraction between Roman Todd and Seth Knight. Seth can barely contain himself underwater or poolside when Todd takes a chair and kicks back for some legit cock worship.”

roman todd fucks seth knightSeth didn’t just come for air, he came up for Roman’s cock. And not just to suck it. He begged Roman to fuck his face. Roman, as always, did not disappoint.

roman todd fucks seth knightAfter Seth twerks his ass to drive Roman’s tongue in deeper, it was time for dick diving — above and below the surface.

roman todd fucks seth knightSeth was already on the brink. Once he started riding Roman’s cock, it was the express lane to his nut – spewing it all over Roman’s ab then using the head of his cock to smear it into the cuts.

roman todd fucks seth knightAs Roman’s balls start to coil, Seth gets his face in close to get every drop. And he does. As Roman explodes, some of it ricochets off the roof of Seth’s mouth while most of it goes right down his throat. And with one lip lock turned cum swap for the road, “Pool Mates” comes to a close.

[Watch Seth & Roman in “Pool Mates” scene four at NakedSword]

“Pool Mates” has made a big splash since it’s first scene …

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