Roman Todd, Logan Aarons

Roman Todd Goes Full Spider-Man In Upside-Down Scene With Logan Aarons

It’s time to talk about Logan Aarons once again! We mentioned this hunk, who you might know as Zane from Corbin Fisher, a couple of days ago when we talked about his new turkey-lovin’ scene for Men, but now it’s time to talk about his Hot House debut where he’s getting dicked down by the one and only Roman Todd in the fourth episode of Get Funk’d!

In the scene, we get to watch Roman do his best Tobey Maguire impression as he performs some backyard Spider-Man gymnastics while hanging upside down from a tree. He even does a version of the iconic Spider-Man kiss, but instead of a simple kiss, he’s instead getting a taste of Logan’s hard cock.

After he’s back on the ground, Roman spends the rest of the scene dominating Logan’s hole inside and outside their Palm Springs timeshare until the fit bottom is taking a load of Roman’s nut to the mouth. Take a look below at some action shots:

So what do you think of this new Spider-fuck scene? Let us know all your hot thoughts in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this Get Funk’d hookup, head over to Hot House!

[Watch ‘Get Funk’d’ ft. Roman Todd & Logan Aarons]


4 thoughts on “Roman Todd Goes Full Spider-Man In Upside-Down Scene With Logan Aarons”

  1. He may be married to a woman, but he’s all into guys too. Bi sexuality is a thing and Roman certainly fits the bill way more than the g4p scenario.

    Plus unlike some of the sleazes he never bad mouths his fans

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