Roman Todd, Oliver Marks

Roman Todd Manhandles Hung Twunk Oliver Marks

A month ago, when Roman Todd ravaged Carter Collins in a great pairing at RandyBlue, I made a wish: to see Roman do the same to Carter’s BF Oliver Marks. That day has arrived!

Pairing the award-wining veteran and his better-than-ever bod with the breakout newcomer twunk is long overdue. While the trio hooked up before on their fan sites, this is the first one-on-one studio action between theses two sexy fuckers. Just the thought of Roman and Oliver together gets me excited, so to see it finally happen gets me giddy.

Roman Todd, Oliver Marks

Roman Todd, Oliver Marks Roman Todd, Oliver Marks

Roman Todd, Oliver Marks

This scene starts in the shower, with water cascading down both of their hot bods. Oliver soon slurps on the hunk’s boner, and Roman happily returns the favor on Oliver’s meaty stick (I love when an alpha isn’t afraid to suck dick!). Roman then eats out Oliver’s amazing ass before pounding him from behind, when I am continually distracted by his body. We then get another suck swap before Roman starts railing Oliver again.

Roman Todd, Oliver Marks Roman Todd, Oliver Marks

Roman Todd, Oliver Marks Roman Todd, Oliver Marks

It all leads to the cumtastic conclusion, my favorite part of the scene: The bottom busts a big nut on he shower stall glass, then gets a yummy load to his cute face. Can we get Roman, Oliver and Carter in a Round 2 threesome, this time at a studio? I would love to see the verbal jock boss them both around with cock! Which Roman one-on-one did you like more: The one, or his pounding of Carter?

See the full scene at RandyBlue!


13 thoughts on “Roman Todd Manhandles Hung Twunk Oliver Marks”

    1. Did you just censor the word FUCKING in a gay porn blog featuring gay men using their cocks, mouths, and assholes for fucking, sucking, cum eating, and yes, fisting?

    1. Good scene. Oliver Marks is a hottie, so is his BF Carter Collins. They just did a scene with Ryhyeim and another guy as bottoms. As for the fisting scene Oliver did, it wasn’t gross like some I’ve seen. I’d like to see Carter do one, since they are supposedly both into it.

      As for Roman, he’s a god. Probably my favorite these days and damned beautiful, from top to toes. Hope he sticks around for a while. Love him as a bottom, Even when he bottoms for transexuals

      Does anyone know if Gabriel Clark is still filming. Would love a flip with him and Roman

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