Roman Todd, Tristan Hunter

Roman Todd Shows Off Incredible Body As He Flip-Fucks Tristan Hunter

We really hope you like watching ripped athletes take to the locker room to fuck each other’s brains out, because that’s basically all we’re going to be talking about for the next few weeks as we see releases from the two sequels to Raging Stallion’s 2021 rugby feature, SCRUM.

As you know, Raging Stallion just began releasing scenes from its SCRUM Balls to the Wall film and as of today, Hot House has started debuting its own SCRUM companion sequel. While Raging’s film focuses on the Raging Stallion rugby team, SCRUM Go Big or Go Home centers around the Hot House Bulldogs and all the perverted activities they get into when they’re not out on the pitch.

Hot House

Unlike the first scene in Balls to the Wall that featured the studio debut of a hung porn newbie, this first scene from Hot House stars two well-known studio favorites – Tristan Hunter and Roman Todd! We get to see the two rugby bros in the locker room as they fool around, show off their incredible physiques, snap each other’s jockstraps, and play grab ass in the shower.

This playful behavior eventually leads to the horny athletes getting into some intense team bonding and busting their holes open for one of the hottest flip-fucks we’ve seen all year. Take a look at some preview shots of these hot jocks below:

So what do you think of this pairing? Are you into watching flip-fuck scenes? Are you excited to see both these hunks in the finale orgy for these SCRUM companion sequels? Sound off in the comments below with your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire scene over at Hot House!

[Watch ‘SCRUM Go Big or Go Home’ w/ Tristan Hunter & Roman Todd]


12 thoughts on “Roman Todd Shows Off Incredible Body As He Flip-Fucks Tristan Hunter”

  1. Tristan has no type of ass at all. It’s just bone and probably feels hard and cold. His cock is everything though.

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  3. Universal Potentate

    Tristan is just a living God! Every part of him is dazzling. I do think these studios are holding back his talent a bit. Get him as the cum dump in a fisting orgy so we can see how he looks performing for 20 other hot guys.
    Maybe 10 for him and 10 for Devin Franco. They can have a “hole off.” Huh … I think I need to direct this.

    1. Tristan has made fun of other peoples appearances so I don’t care if other people attack his appearance. He’s just another snobby sassy white gay. Very unlikeable.

  4. Yeah Tristan hunter has a nice cock but he is one odd looking fella. He’s very average looking and I don’t think most people would look at him for more than 5 seconds if they see him on the street. His scenes are just bland.

    1. Who isn’t average looking next to Roman? And why are you perpetuating the “oh my God they have to be beautiful before I have sex with them” stereotype?

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