roman todd fucks gabriel alanzo

Roman Todd Turns Up The Heat

A steamy underwater fuck turns this pool into a hot tub as Roman Todd stakes his ownership claims of 2018 and Gabriel Alanzo with one big, long, hard, thrust.

As we saw in our sneak peek yesterday, “Pool Mates” from NakedSword Originals is an XXX-rated answer to simple question: what do you do when it’s 100 degrees and your fuck buddy is even hotter?

Roman Todd, making his studio debut, generates heat with every inch of his body.

roman todd fucks gabriel alanzo

And cocksmith Gabriel Alanzo is all over his every inch like a heat-seeking missile.

roman todd fucks gabriel alanzo“When Roman Todd asks Gabriel Alanzo is eager to oblige. His expert cock-sucking skills almost get Roman off but Gabriel has other plans for his buddy’s rock-hard meat; he wants his hole plowed. Roman slams his ass from all sides then pulls out and fills Gabriel’s mouth with his hot white cum. When you hear Roman call Gabriel “Baby” you’ll blow your load too.”

roman todd fucks gabriel alanzoAfter Gabriel makes a banquet out of Roman’s cock, Roman makes a feast out of Gabriel’s hole. So much for staying out of the water for half an hour after you eat … the fucking starts right then and there.

roman todd fucks gabriel alanzoOnce Gabriel starts twerking back onto Roman’s cock, they take the penile plunge below the water to cool things down a bit. But things can only get so cool between these two as the action intensifies when they come up for air and Gabriel goes for a ride.

roman todd fucks gabriel alanzoRoman flips Gabriel onto his back and turns up the speed and ratchets up the dirty talk. The pounding makes Gabriel cover his chest and upper pecs with his load before Roman stands and looms over him. Roman fires his load across Gabriel’s outstretched tongue then uses his cockhead to push the stragglers from Gabriel’s cheek into his still hungry mouth before a snowball swap kiss lets them share the liquid sunshine.

[Watch Gabriel & Roman in “Pool Mates” scene one “You Want This Dick In Your Mouth? Make It Big And Hard For Me” at NakedSword]


5 thoughts on “Roman Todd Turns Up The Heat”

  1. I lost interest in Roman Todd when he abused commenters for calling him out over his GoFundMe campaign to fund a new car for his girlfriend.

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