ryan rose alexander volkov falcon flip fuck

Winner By A Rose

The attraction between Ryan Rose & Alexander Volkov is so intense, they hooked up off camera. Their first scene together is even more … explosive.

As you may have learned in our birthday post to Ryan Rose last Friday. He’s was a proud Marine before joining our forces. We’d like to thank him for his military service on this Veteran’s Day.

Many would like to thanks him for his other field of professional expertise. In the sack. And first on that list would be Alexander Volkov.

This fourth scene in “Deep Release” from Falcon is the first time they have worked together professionally. Personally, they made their own kind of magic.

But the fireworks started off-screen as QueerMeNow first showed. Ryan fucked the cum out of Alexander. And hot as that clip is, an old saying rings true right now: you ain’t seen nothing yet.

ryan rose alexander volkov falcon flip fuckWith his Russian accent almost as thick as his glutes, Alexander Volkov is one stacked slab of muscle. After working for Lucas, Alexander stepped it up to the Falcon Studios Group in a Hot House shoot with Austin Wolf and Gabriel Cross. This is his first Falcon scene. And it’s a flip with Ryan Rose.

ryan rose alexander volkov falcon flip fuckVersatility to the degree required in a gay porn scene is a concept few men really deliver. Then there’s Ryan.

volkovrose-3qaThere’s a reason Ryan is Falcon’s longest running exclusive in their 45-year history. You will see why today. And quite possibly, one of the hottest scenes of the year.

ryan rose alexander volkov falcon flip fuckJudging by how both Ryan and Alexander look in just a towel; clearly, a little white piece of cotton wasn’t going to hide anyone’s real intentions. The idea of a massage went out the window along with their clothes. Although they did find that a massage table allows for a good many things to go down. And go in.

ryan rose alexander volkov falcon flip fuckAlexander makes up for what he didn’t off-screen. Ryan’s ass. Those powerful glutes are not just decorative. Just look them in action.

ryan rose alexander volkov falcon flip fuckThen, Ryan takes charge and pummels Alexander till his cock is leaking precum from that thick foreskin. Ryan pulls Alexander close and blasts Alexander right in the face until Alexander closes his mouth around Ryan’s still shooting cock. As for Alexander, he gets his first Falcon nut with his face still dripping in Ryan’s cum while Ryan’s chews on his nips. And that guys, is truly a “Deep Release”.

[Watch Ryan Rose & Alexander Volkov in “Deep Release” scene five]

To celebrate their 45th anniversary ….
falb226fef42898bff1Falcon is offering a 45% savings on memberships for a limited time. Perfect timing after a week like this.

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