ryan rose brendan phillips hot house

When Ryan Rose Gets In Gear, Brendan Phillips Gets Two Mouthfuls

What exactly does an 180° fuck look like? How does that lead to a self-facial? Inside boys.

It’s not only how he looks. Or even what exactly what he does. It’s that Falcon Studios Group exclusive Ryan Rose shows us something every time most wannabes are never capable of demonstrating even once. Today, in “Slicked Up” from Hot House, Ryan Rose demonstrates his mastery of fucking in any position — and his total domination of a Brendan Phillips.

ryan rose brendan phillips hot house
As with the first scene with Woody Fox and Josh Conners, then with Micah Brant and Brayden Allen, a sexual “Hunger Games” is played out again today in with relentless penetration, perspiration, and close-ups that make it seem like you could taste the action if you licked the screen. Ryan Rose wears the gear. It doesn’t wear him.

Brendan Phillips looks very buff and sexily scruffy. And even hotter when he’s wearing Ryan Rose from the inside out. Literally.

ryan rose brendan phillips hot house
On almost any other gay porn site, this would be a world-class ass slaying. In today’s scene at Hot House, however, this is what qualifies as the “pedestrian fuck” portion.

ryan rose brendan phillips hot house
Doggy leads to Brendan climbing on top and impaling himself on Ryan’s cock which looks as fat and hungry as I have ever seen it. Then Ryan slams his cock deep inside for reverse piledriver that is almost impossible to pull off without the skill, drive, and the dick of a master. A master like Ryan Rose — and an insatiable bottom who doesn’t just take it, but thrives on it.

ryan rose brendan phillips hot house
With his cock hovering right over his own face, Brendan jerks out his huge load, blasting himself right in his scruff. Then Ryan straddles Brendan’s face and adds his own ricochet of forceful blasts. Only he’s not aiming for Brendan’s beard. As you can see, Ryan never misses his target.

[Watch Brendan Phillips and Ryan Rose in “Slicked Up” scene three]

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