ryan rose and carter dane

Now Including Carter Dane’s Ass, Ryan Rose Has It All

This scene from Ryan Rose and Carter Dane is befitting the men in it: nearly perfect. Unzip right now.

Ryan Rose and Carter Dane were both blessed with the faces, bodies, dicks, asses, charisma, and unbridled sexual hunger that makes for perfect porn. But they way they come together in “Sexflix And Chill” for Falcon isn’t like they made a scene. It’s like a hook-up they both couldn’t wait to have. Once they had the chance, they made the most out of it. And each other.

ryan rose and carter dane
The star potential of Carter Dane was evident from his first Men.com scene with Diego Sans. No wonder CockyBoys snapped him up. Carter loves what he’ does and most importantly, he delivers it as if he’s the camera isn’t even there. No doubt, like rest of us, Carter has lusted for Ryan for a long time. The feeling is mutual.

ryan rose and carter dane
Such an adept bottom requires a highly skilled top to put him through his paces. Hello Ryan Rose. In contrast to the primal and almost dark fervor that he owned Draven Torres with on Wednesday this week, today Ryan seized on every moment of the erotic interplay stemming from Carter’s desire and ended up owning him too.

ryan rose and carter dane
The entire production is as stunning as the men themselves. Props to the Falcon team. Case in point: this loop of Carter balancing himself one elbow while Ryan pummels him from below.

ryan rose and carter dane
This is no passive fuck. Ryan pounds a load out of Carter then straddles his face and showers him in cum. Then he bends down and he and Carter both visibly shudder and they lick each other’s cockheads clean.

[Watch Carter Dane and Ryan Rose in “Sexflix And Chill”]

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