ryan rose fucks fane roberts

Yes, We Give Free Refills On Cock

The hottest thing at Dick’s Diner is the head waiter, Ryan Rose. Emphasis on the head. Though as it turns out, the hottest dish in the joint is Fane Robert’s juicy ass.

Dustin Holloway and Fane Roberts have had quite a journey on “Route 69” so far.

While their car was fixed, the mechanics Nate Stetson and Johnny V ended up servicing each other first.

Then, when nature called, Derek Maxum‘s big dick poking through a glory hole sure made up for the filthy bathroom.

ryan rose fucks fane robertsLast time, the plumbing problem at their hotel resulted in JJ Knight doing the repairs with his donkey dick. Today, the boys are hungry. But when they saw the “Dick’s Diner” sign, little did they know one of them would end up on the menu. When Ryan Rose approached their table, Fane suddenly knew exactly what he wanted, “I’ll have a cheeseburger, fries, and your cock.”

ryan rose fucks fane robertsDustin Holloway is many things, but being a cock blocker isn’t wasn’t one them. After he went to find out if this bathroom had a glory hole too, a rogue soda bottle ended up with Fane getting a facial of sorts. Ryan didn’t want to blow his tip, but he did want to blow Fane’s cock. Least he could do, right?

ryan rose fucks fane robertsAnd hoping for more than the standard 15% gratuity, Ryan went the extra mile and turned Fane’s hole into an all he could eat buffet.

ryan rose fucks fane robertsTime for the entree. Ryan bends Fane over a chair and started fucking away. Then he cleared the table with his arm, threw Fane down and didn’t stop fucking until Fane exploded all over his abs then topped him off with a load of his own. And remember, it’s only lunchtime. There’s plenty more stops they will be making yet on “Route 69”.

[Watch Fane & Ryan in “Route 69” scene four at Falcon]


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