ryan rose fucks scott riley falcon

Ryan Rose Shoves His Load Down Scott Riley’s Throat

“Into the Blue” goes out with a bang — and Scott Riley winds up with fluid in his lungs.

Spring hasn’t quite sprung, but Falcon takes us “Into the Blue” one last time in the finale today with Scott Riley and Falcon Studios Group exclusive Ryan Rose.

From the first scene with JJ Knight and Seth Santoro and right down the line, “Into the Blue” has been both visually stunning and sexually gripping. Adding exponentially to both of those is Scott & Ryan.

ryan rose fucks scott riley falconBroad daylight is many things, but forgiving is not one of them. Our men today have nothing to forgive. Not and inch of them goes unappreciated. “Rippling Ryan” in the noonday sun is breathtaking. Scott Riley has never looked hotter. Especially that perky ass of his.

ryan rose fucks scott riley falconScott goes underwater to give Ryan a deep-throated blowjob that becomes a passionate lip lock. The action moves poolside where Ryan gives Scott a preview of the treatment his ass is getting next as he guides Scott’s mouth up and down the length of his shaft.

ryan rose fucks scott riley falconAfter spreading Scott’s fuzzy blond ass cheeks and righteously riming his pink hole, an equally righteous reaming immediatlety follows.

ryan rose fucks scott riley falconUsing his stacked quads, Scott raises and lowers himself on Ryan’s dick. Flipping Scott over, Ryan fucks him until he can’t hold back any longer and leans forward and blows his load right in Scott’s open mouth. Then, with the taste of Ryan’s cum on his lips, Scott busts his nut on his blond treasure trail as “Into the Blue” has one last blast.

[Watch Scott Riley & Ryan Rose in “Into the Blue” scene five]

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