ryan rose fucks skyy knox

Ryan Rose Enters The Facial Hall Of Fame

Ryan Rose & Skyy Knox: two of the most physically perfect creatures to ever walk the planet are finally together. Only they walking. That’s especially true for Skyy by the time Ryan is done with him.

Director Tony Dimarco explores the virtual world of gay sexuality with six stunning opponents: Falcon Studios Group exclusives Ryan Rose, Skyy Knox, JJ Knight along with Alex Chandler, Jay James, and last but never least, Roman Todd.

Our half-dozen hotties are here to out-wit and literally fuck their way out of situations to win the ultimate prize in “Head Play”, brand new today from Falcon.

ryan rose fucks skyy knoxWhile Skyy Knoxx sourced his inner top for Beaux Banks earlier this week, today’s he’s back to what he arguably does best: take a dick like few can while always looking like he could take it even harder. It can’t get much harder than the pummeling he gets from Ryan today. Ryan channeled his sexual intensity as ferociously as I have ever seen him do.

ryan rose fucks skyy knoxThat’s not to the mention the ending alone is worth the price of admission. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Though as you can see, it doesn’t take very long into today’s sexual jousting match before body fluids are exchanged.

ryan rose fucks skyy knoxA relentless handsfree jab and stab: this is what it actually looks like complete in their native habitat.

ryan rose fucks skyy knoxWith Ryan still planted deep inside him, Skyy covers the ground with his load. Anything can happen in this world of intrigue and double-crossing, even a snowball fight on on a sunny day. Well done, men. Very well done indeed.

[Watch Skyy & Ryan in “Head Play” scene one at Falcon]

Ryan’s blast looking like it’s raining when it swirls in and out Skyy’s mouth moves this facial to be one of the tops of my list. What’s your favorite load to the face?


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