Ryan Rose & JJ Knight’s Ferocious Flip Ends With A Facial To Match

The cum slap Ryan Rose gives JJ Knight’s face is almost as savage what he does to his ass. Unzip right now.

The scorching sexuality of “Desert Getaway” began with sun-swept flip between Jacob Peterson and Jonah Fontana. Last week, it was Ryan Rose turned Gabriel Cross into his personal fuck toy. But Ryan Rose is one good thing you can never get enough of. He’s back today with JJ Knight in a torrid fuck, suck, and cum blasting session with a gold medal finish to the face.

ryan rose jj knight flip fuck
The physical perfection of Falcon Studios Group gives Ryan Rose, head to toe, front and back, ass and dick, is only eclipsed by one thing. The sheer sexual prowess he brings to every position in every scene. Fellow exclusive JJ Knight’s has never looked better. And that mighty dick has never looked bigger. Ryan Rose has the effect. And today, the feeling is mutual.

ryan rose jj knight flip fuck
Following a wicked sixty-nine, Ryan plants his ass on the best seat in the house. JJ’s face. But with that big cock so hard and hungry, JJ’s face is relegated to second-best seat in the house as Ryan takes a long, hard ride.

ryan rose jj knight flip fuck
Ryan bends JJ over as their contest to see who can fuck faster, harder, and deeper moves to round two. To see who’s winning, just check out the look on JJ’s face and try not to be jealous.

ryan rose jj knight flip fuck
They flip once more and JJ Knight shoots a massive load directly on Ryan’s wet hole and snowy white glutes. Ryan rolls over, JJ comes in close and this is just the first blast Ryan fires into the ultimate cum catcher.

[Watch JJ Knight & Ryan Rose in “Desert Getaway” part three]

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