LeeRoy_Jones, Sammy_Nicks

Sammy Nicks Services Alpha LeeRoy Jones’ thick dick

Alpha LeeRoy Jones is kicking back on the bed while Sammy Nicks services his thick dick. Every inch goes down his throat as Leeroy looks on and uses his hand to push his head down even further.

He smiles with a soldier’s delight as Sammy can’t take his mouth off his cock.

LeeRoy_Jones, Sammy_Nicks LeeRoy_Jones, Sammy_Nicks

Sammy can’t take the anticipation any longer and wants that big dick in his ass. LeeRoy bends him over the bed and spreads his legs wide as he slowly pushes his thick meat into that tight hairy ass.

LeeRoy_Jones, Sammy_Nicks LeeRoy_Jones, Sammy_Nicks

Once that ass sucks him right in Leeroy begins to pound that tight hole with his throbbing cock. With each thrust, you can hear the balls slapping as this friendly fire is nothing but pure intimacy. Leeroy continues to fuck that ass as he moves Sammy into multiple positions.

LeeRoy_Jones, Sammy_Nicks LeeRoy_Jones, Sammy_Nicks

Once he gets Sammy on his back that’s where the war ends. Leeroy pounds deep and hard as Sammy strokes his own dick making himself blow his creamy load all over his chest. Leeroy sees all the cum and slides his raw cock out and strokes his massive nut out onto Sammy’s cummed-on the chest.



1 thought on “Sammy Nicks Services Alpha LeeRoy Jones’ thick dick”

  1. Get it Sammy. That’s a hot guy you’re letting feed your hungry booty. Bottoms should always choose only the hottest guys to breed them.

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