Sand Gay

Sand Gay & Friends: Here Are All Those Horrifying Sex Videos Twitter Is Talking About

I’m just gonna say it right now – everything we’re about to talk about in this post is gross. This post is going to contain things that you don’t want to see. This post is going to be as far from heaven as humanly possible. Please go back and look at anyway else if you’re not in the mood to watch men do some truly horrific things to their bodies.

Alright… So if you’ve been on the internet in the past two weeks or so, then you’ve probably seen people joking about Sand Gay, Crocs Gay, and an assortment of other random gays. Essentially all these “gays” are just people who have posted videos that involve them doing weird sex acts like walking around a store with a face covered in jizz, stuffing your hole with dry sand, or fucking a staircase with your gaping hole. While I wanted to avoid almost everything to do with these vids, curiosity got the best of me when I saw Twitter user @Soundwaves1992 post a master list of all these trending videos. I immediately watched them all and since my brain is now plagued with the site of these vids, I’m gonna make you all watch them too.

So take a look below at some videos that we’re sure you’ve been seeing people talk about on Twitter, make sure you don’t try any of these acts at home, and sound off in the comments with your absolute least favorite video that’s included on this list.

Sand Gay:

Crocs Gay:

Big Mac Gay:

Slime Gay:

Staircase Gay:

Scuba Gay:

Grocery Gay:


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